These are the road closures that occurred on the first day of the indefinite strike by transporters and farmers

These are the road closures that occurred on the first day of the indefinite strike by transporters and farmers

The first day of "indefinite strike" announced by the Platform in Defense of Goods Transport and the farmers of Platform 6F is taking place this Sunday with cuts on some roads in Seville, Teruel and Toledo. Yesterday these protests reached Valladolid, around the place where the Goya Awards gala was being held, and before that to Madrid, where a meeting was called in front of the Metropolitano, Atlético de Madrid's football stadium, to ratify the decision to paralyze activity together with the primary sector.

The General Directorate of Traffic notified early in the morning of an incident due to demonstrations in the province of Seville, specifically, on the A-451 in Navarredonda. Throughout the morning there have been more outages in this province, preventing total circulation in different sections of the A-P4 (Seville-Cádiz), the A-451 and the A-471R1. Likewise, there have been registered Total cuts on the A-23 in Poyo del Cid (Teruel) for three hours, until approximately 2:20 p.m., and on the A-5 in Santa Olalla (Toledo).

The farmers, who will be joined in an indefinite strike by the transporters, have been demonstrating since Tuesday against the effects of the green policies of the European Union, in defense of fairer trade agreements and to ask for help to face crises such as that of the drought. Tomorrow, platform 6F in defense of the primary sector is scheduled to report on the details of its mobilization schedule. For their part, the agricultural organizations Asaja, COAG and UPA continue with their own tractor units, and this Monday they have called one in Titulcia (Madrid) at 9:00 a.m. with the intention of heading to Torrejón de Velasco.

The National Platform for the Defense of Transport, which brings together thousands of self-employed transporters and SMEs, ratified its decision previously announced on social networks to begin an indefinite stoppage of activity together with the primary sector after the concentration around the Metropolitan. The platform, which in March 2022 promoted a 20-day strike that put the distribution chain in check, takes this step without the support of the National Committee for the Transport of Goods by Road (CNTC), the interlocutory body of the sector with the Government, in which it is not represented.

The National Police He charged against the farmers around the stadium when the protesters tried to leave the vicinity of the stadium by jumping some fences, with the intention of cutting off the M-40. Since Tuesday, the security forces have arrested 31 people in the context of the protests that farmers are carrying out in different parts of the country and have identified 8,415 for proposed administrative sanctions.

Vox brings to Congress an initiative with which it aims to "safeguard the interests of the Spanish countryside" and guarantee the viability of the primary sector, for which it proposes prohibiting the import of agri-food products from third countries that have been treated with phytosanitary products prohibited in Europe. This is a motion resulting from a question that those from Santiago Abascal addressed to the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, last Wednesday and that will be voted on in the next plenary session, scheduled for the week of February 19. For its part, Sumar has registered a non-legal proposal in Congress with which it calls for promoting a comprehensive agricultural rescue plan to address the problems of the sector and an observatory of food costs and prices in the face of the rise in products in the basic basket. .