March 1, 2021

These are the reasons why Christmas harms the health of couples – La Provincia

The Christmas It is a dire time for couples. The statistics say it: a large percentage decides to break their relationship during these holidays. Data from the Statistical Service of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) confirm that 26% of total Spanish divorces In 2018 they took place after the Christmas holidays.

During these dates, not only new relationships are in danger, but also those that take longer. Some of the main reasons are the routine change, lack of attention, intensity or pressure and the priorities of each.

First, Christmas breaks with the daily routine and they usually take time to share as a couple. That if company dinner, that if the meal with childhood friends, with those of the university, various family outings and even some trip.

Christmas makes the agenda tighten up completely and what was once sota, horse and king now compiles everything in a few days. That motivates wasted time dedicated to the couple, something that impairs stability.

Occasionally, fatigue and fatigue make the couple less care, less time is spent and the one dedicated to it is of lower ‘quality’, at least according to the eyes of the opposite party. If the thing was already touched, sometimes this is the icing on the cake and end the relationship.


On the other hand, the pressure that is lived on these dates also passes invoice. Christmas is a time when, if the relationship has started recently, you can consider introducing your partner to the family. As a result, you may realize that it is not what you want at this time and the pressure will eventually force a precipitous break.

Finally, a problem that affects everyone: The priorities. With whom to spend important dates, how to organize holidays? If the relationship was already broken, this may end up breaking it. If each organizes its plans without counting on the other party, and the other party expects to have it, it will generate tension and even disappointment. If both are on the same wavelength, there will be no problem.

In any case, psychologists recommend having a fluid communication and sincere with your partner to try to solve all these problems. A good talk on time can save the relationship.


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