March 1, 2021

These are the reasons why at Christmas you have more desire for sex – La Provincia

You may have noticed … or maybe not … but the Christmas holidays They are a real stimulus for the sexual life of each and every one of us. Some dates with incentives that invite human contact and the signs of affection brought to its maximum expression.

We review some of the factors that make Christmas more prone to intimate encounters.


Between the holidays that many can enjoy as days off on these dates, and the holidays of some labor sectors, many people have more Christmas free time what to spend with your partners (or what to devote to knowing or deepening the deal with new peers). And of course, one thing leads to another …

Love demonstrations

These are favorable dates for show of affection towards our loved ones, which increases our sensitivity. That leads people as a couple to strengthen their ties and seek more contact … and those who are single, to have a greater desire to establish new ties.

Parties and mood

The celebrations of these dates raise disinhibition and desire in many people, and this euphoric and festive mood It is key to increase the desire to have sex, either with a stable partner or meeting new people.

More care for the physical appearance

The holidays favor that we all take our best finery. Party dresses, elegant costumes, exceptional aromas, greater efforts in makeup and hairdresser… Everything comes together to make the most of each other’s beauty. And of course, that does not go unnoticed by others, who find us more desirable.

Sexual gifts

In recent years there has been a real ‘rage’ of sex toys and other products designed for pleasure, and Christmas is the best occasion to give them to a couple or a friend. And of course, who doesn’t feel like trying a gift right after receiving it? Whether alone or as a couple, enjoying new intimate toys has become increasingly popular. And eye, that this year comes the ‘boom’ of Satisfyer …

Food and aphrodisiacs

At Christmas we eat differently from the rest of the year. The holidays favor the appearance of new gastronomic delights at our table, and there come into play foods such as oysters, scientifically proven as libido elevators.

Drink, alcohol and disinhibition

The holidays favor the consumption of alcoholic drinks and with them comes the disinhibition of those who consume them, which, to some extent, facilitates human contact and with it sexual intercourse … but it is already known, beware of excesses, which sometimes can end in disaster. ..


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