These are the premieres that arrive on Netflix and HBO in October

An image from season 3 of & # 039; You & # 039 ;.

An image from season 3 of 'You'.

Summer is over and it's time to recover the old customs of the cold months. Among the most repeated plans is enjoy a good movie or series from the sofa at homeEven more so since the supply of quality content has multiplied with the arrival of a multitude of streaming platforms in Spain. Here we bring you the news for this month of Netflix and HBO, two of the most relevant in the Spanish market.


October 1 - Army of Thieves

It is the prequel to 'Army of the Dead' (2021), the film in which a group of mercenaries want to carry out the biggest robbery in history in Las Vegas. Now this movie, shot even before the first one was released, focuses on the story of Matthias, the character who opened a safe full of zombies. The protagonists will have to survive an apocalypse.

October 1 - 'Diana: The Musical'

The fascination for everything that concerns the figure of Diana of Wales does not stop even though 24 years have passed since her death in Paris. For this reason, and to make the wait until the premiere of the fifth season of 'The Crown' more bearable, Netflix will play on its platform this Broadway musical, which was recorded at the Longrace Theater in New York on November 17. It tells of a woman who "chose to be brave and was eternal as a result."

October 15 - 'You', season 3

The streaming platform has reserved for October one of its safe bets in relation to the series: it premieres the third season of 'You', the fiction starring Penn Badgley. This suspenseful story follows the story of a serial killer who develops an extreme obsession with women. In this new installment he will explore his facet as a father.

October 28 - 'Luis Miguel, the series', season 3

The farewell to the 'biopic' of one of the most important Latin American singers will arrive on Netflix at the end of the month. Diego Boneta, protagonist and executive producer of the fiction, will undergo an incredible physical transformation to re-embody the Mexican singer in the last stage of his career, which continues to this day.


October 1 - 'All the President's Men'

One of the great classics of cinema comes to HBO this October. This great 1976 film tells how two young journalists from an American newspaper begin to investigate what is behind what at first appears to be a simple raid on the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Washington. What they could not imagine is that this instinct was the beginning of the famous 'Watergate case', which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon

October 1 - 'Moonrise Kingdom'

HBO offers this October a good opportunity to catch up on the most famous films of Wes Anderson, a director who is very topical in Spain due to the filming that he is developing in the Madrid municipality of Chinchón. Included in the subscription plan is 'Moonrise Kingdom' (2012), the story of two young lovers fleeing their hometown.

October 17 - 'Succession', season 3

One of the great bets of HBO in terms of series premieres its third season. 'Succession' is a fictionalized reflection of the ins and outs of the corporate leadership in the United States. Specifically, it reflects the adventures of the family of Logan Roy and his four children, the owners of one of the most important media and entertainment companies in the world. The problems come when it is raised who will be the successor of the patriarch.

October 22 - 'Dune'

One of the great promises of cinema in this second half of the year also reaches the small screen. Denis Villeneuve's latest feature film starring Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac is a science fiction story with an environmental undertone. Duke Leto's family arrives on an unexplored planet hoping to regain the renown of their home, but they will soon find themselves embroiled in a plot of betrayals and deceptions that will lead them to question their trust among those closest to them and value the locals.


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