March 5, 2021

These are the phones that stop having WhatsApp in 2020 – La Provincia

WhatsAppIt is still the most popular messaging application in the world and, although it is not hegemonic in all the countries of the planet, in Spain it is the most used application to communicate.

But nevertheless,Facebook, owner of the app, does not ensure its eternal operation in all smartphones.Each year, different models run out of the possibility to continue using this tool., although these are copies that the firm considers already obsolete for a good performance of the service.

In 2020, it will come to different models, on two different dates:

On January 1, WhatsApp will stop working on Windows Phone, the system that its own creator, Microsoft, has already set aside.

On February 1, the application will cease its service on other models:

  • Android phones with versions earlier than 4.0.3, that is, 2.3.7 and earlier.
  • IOS smartphones before and before iOS 9, that is, iOS 8 and earlier mobiles.

If we have doubts, we can check with the mobile itself as follows:

In Android you have to access 'Settings', go to the option 'On the phone' or similar, and look there for information on the version of Android installed.

For the same query on iOS we have to look at 'Settings', 'General' and 'Select Information'.


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