These are the new tobacco prices in Spain by brand and why they change every week

ACMADRID Updated: 05/23/2022 19:07h

The Official State Gazette (BOE) has published for the fourth consecutive week the
new tobacco prices in Spain
. The reason for the succession of changes in the rates of cigarettes, cigars and rolling pins are explained because it is the manufacturers and importers themselves who decide the new prices and when they come into force.

The other part of the cost for tobacco consumers depends on the Government through taxes. Specifically, the
Special tax on tobacco products
establishes that in cigarettes it is 51%, with a specific rate of 0.49 euros per pack. Regarding cigarettes and little cigarillos, it is 15.8%, 41.5% for rolling tobacco and 28.4% for tobacco from other tasks.

The Law on the Regulation of the Tobacco Market and Tax Regulations establishes, in its article 4 (relating to retail trade) that "the prices for sale to the public of the different types, brands and forms of tobacco intended to be marketed in Spain , with the exception of the Canary Islands, will be determined by the manufacturers or, where appropriate, their representatives or agents in the European Union». The changes come into force after their publication in the BOE.

These are the latest changes in tobacco prices in force since this week in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands published in the
BOE of May 21


Apache HB Blue (20). 3.95

Cigars and cigarillos


Series II (10). 1.95

Series II (25). 1.95

Series III (10). 1.60

Series III (25). 1.60

V-series (10). 1.45

V-Series (25).1.45

Series VI (10). 1.70

Series VI (25). 1.70

Series VIII (10). 1.80

Series VIII (25). 1.80

Series XIII (10). 1.30

Series XIII (25). 1.30

Wide Bull (25). 1.55


Esteli Edition (10).12.00

pipe stings

Eastwood Original Blend (30g). 2.00

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