April 15, 2021

These are the new 'emojis' of 2019 – The Province

The list of emoticons approved by the Unicode consortium in 2019adds 230 new icons to existing ones for the keyboard of mobile deviceswhich include representation of people with disabilities and new designs including gender and race.

The Unicode blog, a character encoding standard, showsthe new 'emojis' that will be added to the existing ones on keyboards this 2019. The new icon table, Emoji 12.0, adds 59 completely new designs along with 171 new variants of gender and skin tone, for a total of 230 new icons.

Among the new designs can be found59 totally new icons like a flamenco, a planet with rings, a sloth, a waffle, more colorful hearts, and new objects representative of cultures like a sari, a rickshaw, a banjo or a glass of mate.

The new 'emojis' of 2019 / EP

However, this new group of icons highlights the appearance of several that represent people with disabilities, such as peoplewheelchair, ears with hearing aids, deaf people, mechanical arms and dogs or guide sticks.These emojis were already proposed by Apple last March.

This new version of Unicode has made an effort to expandthe inclusion of gender and race, through figures that show icons of the same sex with their hands clasped, and the possibility of being able to configure these figures with the skin tone that is chosen, which is achieved thanks to 171 new combinations.

The new 'emojis' of 2019 / EP

Emoji 12.0 has established the necessary data for technology manufacturers to start working on their sources and 'emoji' code before its launch, scheduled for March 5.


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