These are the necessary procedures to apply for the new eight-week paternity leave

These are the necessary procedures to apply for the new eight-week paternity leave


Since yesterday, new parents can already enjoy eight weeks of paternity leave based on the decree law on labor equality approved by the Government. The parents of children born or adopted as of April 1 will have almost two months of rest, of which they must take the first two weeks at the same time as the mother and immediately after the birth or adoption. The remaining six weeks of rest can be distributed during the first twelve months.

Thus, the parents who are affiliated and registered in the Social Security may request this benefit that covers 100% of the regulatory base, that is, the full salary. As requirements to receive the benefit, it is required to have paid contributions for at least 180 days in the last seven years or 360 days throughout the working life.

In order to process the paternity benefit, the interested party must first have access to the medical certificate of birth of the baby delivered to the hospital. In addition, within a period of three days, iWrite the newborn in the Civil Registry In order to update the family book and obtain the literal certification of birth. In case the couple is not married, the request must be made jointly by both parents. The next step for employees is to ask for the certificate of discharge to the company, where the salary received last month must be included.

Once all these papers are collected, the parent should go to a Social Security officel ( or perform the procedures online) with the aforementioned documents plus the official application for the paternity benefit, the DNI and the account number where to make the deposit. When Social Security approves the benefit, it will send a notification notice by mail to the beneficiary.

It is worth remembering that Public benefits for maternity and paternity are exempt from paying IRPF based on the judgment of the Supreme Court of October 3, 2018. Taxpayers who have had retentions for maternity and paternity benefits of 2018 must not perform any particular procedure. His Income Tax Return of 2018, which may be made as of Tuesday, will incorporate the benefits as exempt income and withholdings will be deductible, as reported by the Treasury in a statement.


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