These are the most watched series and movies on Netflix

An image of & # 039; The Bridgertons & # 039 ;.

A picture of 'The Bridgertons'.

Netflix has updated its ranking of the most viewed in the world worldwide and he has done it with a great novelty. Since now, in addition to counting the number of accounts that view their original titles, also sorts your series by accumulated viewing hours in its first 28 days in the catalog.

And according to this new scale, 'The Bridgertons' is the most watched series of Netflix since the eight chapters that make up its first season accumulated a total of 625 million viewing hours in those first 28 days. It is followed by the fourth season of 'La casa de papel', with 619 hours of viewing, and the third season of 'Stranger Things', which was released in July 2019, with 582 million hours.

They complete the first positions the initial season of 'The Witcher' with 541 million hours in its first 28 days; the second and first seasons of 'Por thirteen reasons' with 496 million and 476 million hours viewed, respectively; the second installment of 'You' with 457 million, season 2 of 'Stranger Things' with 427 million; the third installment of 'La casa de papel' with 426 million hours; and 'Ginny and Georgia' that with its first season added 381 million hours seen.

This top-10 of the most viewed series varies substantially depending on the previous values, that of the accounts that have viewed the series. It must be remembered that, in this classification, Netflix counts as viewing any account that accesses content for at least two minutes in its first four weeks in the catalog.

There is no variation in number one, which would continue to be occupied by 'The Bridgertons' with 82 million views, but there is in the rest. A) Yes the second place would be for the first season of the French series 'Lupine' (with 76 million views), while the third step of the podium is for 'The Witcher' (also with 76 million). The erotic series 'Sex / Life' (with 67 million viewings), the third season of 'Stranger Things' (also 67 million), the fourth season of 'La casa de papel' (with 65 million), the docuserie 'Tiger King' (with 64 million views), the miniseries 'Lady's Gambit' (62 million), the first season of 'Sweet Tooth' (60 million) and the first installment of 'Emily in Paris' (58 million of visualizations).

As for the films, the lisa heads it 'Blind', the thriller starring Sandra Bullock, 282 million hours accumulated in its first 28 days. It is followed by 'Tyler Rake', the action film starring Chris Hemsworth that already has a confirmed sequel, with 231 million hours, and Martin Scorsese's 'The Irishman' with 215 million accumulated hours.

'Mi primer beso 2' (with 209 million views), '6 en la sombra' (with 205 million), 'Spenser: Confidencial' (with 197 million), 'Enola Holmes' (with 190 million), 'Army of the Dead' (with 187 million), 'The Old Guard' (186 million) and 'Criminals at Sea' (with 170 million) close the top-ten of the most watched movies in Netflix history.

By number of accounts, number one would be for 'Tyler Rake' with 99 million views, second place for 'Blind' with 89 million and third for 'Spenser: Confidential' with 85 million.


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