April 15, 2021

these are the most valuable Spanish brands in the world



Santander, Zara, Movistar, BBVA, El Corte Inglés, Iberdrola and Mercadona They are still the most valuable Spanish brands in the world after a year marked by the coronavirus health crisis, according to the latest Global 500 2021 annual report from Brand Finance.

Specifically, Spanish brands resist the coronavirus and remain in the list of the 500 most valuable in the world, but the impact of the pandemic has been noticed in these companies, since the brand value of the seven in 2020 added 59.3 billion euros, while this year it is reduced to 50,250 million, which is 15% less than last year.

In this way, Spain, with these seven marks in the ranking worldwide, it contributes 0.8% of the brand value to the total in the ranking and ranks as the fourteenth country that contributes the most value.

Santander is the first Spanish brand in this ranking, at position 127, despite losing 27 places, while its brand value fell 23.4% and that of strength fell only 0.5%.

Inditex’s flagship, Zara, is the second Spanish brand and also suffers by falling 12 places, to stand at 139. Its brand value decreases to a lesser extent than it did last year, while its strength value, the indicator that measures Among other things, the brand’s relationship with its competitors grew 2.4 points.

While Movistar is the third Spanish brand to be ranked 241 after losing 56 places. It is also the national firm that experienced the greatest drop in brand value (-22.7%) behind Santander and BBVA. Its brand strength is also suffering, falling 3.9 points to 76.2 out of 100.

The coronavirus has hit highly Movistar and Telephone usually. The prospects for the future are not encouraging and the group is expected to experience lower growth in the next period, according to analysts at the consultancy.

The fourth national brand in this ranking is BBVA, which ranks 250 after losing 91 positions in the last few years. The bank records a 23.4% drop in brand value, but it is the strongest Spanish brand, with a strength rating of 85.2 out of 100, 0.6 points higher than in 2020.

They go up positions

For its part, The English Court, which dropped 40 places in 2020, in 2021 it has come back, climbing 83 places, up to 320 in the classification. While last year their brand value decreased 4.8%, this year they experience a growth of 12%, being the Spanish brand that grows the most in brand value in 2021, but its brand strength decreases 4.7 points compared to 2020.

Iberdrola, the only Spanish energy company among the seven in the 2021 ranking, continues its upward trend after climbing 51 positions, which places it in position 382. This year its brand value increases by 1.4% in 2021, however the consulting firm warns the firm that it should not lower its guard and boost its brand strategy, since the increase is much lower than the 17.5% recorded in 2020.

For its part, Mercadona ranks 411 after rising 55 seats in 2021 during the pandemic, in addition to increasing its brand value by 0.6% compared to 2020. However, although it has a high brand strength score, 81.6 out of 10 , the Juan Roig supermarket chain should work on this indicator, since this year it falls by 1.8 points compared to 2020.

On the other hand, this year the list of CEOs who best defend their Spanish brands in the world adds new additions. So, Onur Genç, head of BBVA and José Ignacio Sánchez Galán of Iberdrola, are the Spanish executives recognized internationally as the ones who best defend their respective brands, while the best CEO of 2021 in the Brand Finance Brand Protection Index has been Ajay Banga from Mastercard.

Of Turkish origin and with a degree in electrical engineering, Genç was appointed CEO of BBVA in 2018. Among the actions that he has prioritized during his tenure, is the digital strategy, which has directly impacted on the bank’s customer satisfaction data.

For its part, Iberdrola is committed to maintaining and growing the value of its brand, led in the first place by José Ignacio Sánchez Galán. The Spanish energy company has launched a strategic plan this year to face the effects of the coronavirus crisis, which includes historical investments of 75,000 million euros with the main objective of overtaking the rest of the companies in the energy sector.

“The coronavirus has been presented perhaps as the greatest challenge for all CEOs this year. Leaders have had to protect the financial interests of shareholders and above all, protect their people from the very real threat to health and life posed by the pandemic. It has required resolution and vision to safeguard, and in some cases grow, one of the most important assets of these leaders, the brand of their company ”, he acknowledged Teresa of Lemus, Managing Director of Brand Finance Spain.

Apple surpasses Amazon as the most valuable

Globally, Manzana This year it surpassed Amazon and Google as the world’s most valuable brand, according to the latest Brand Finance report.

Apple is rewarded for its diversification strategy that has led it to experience a great increase in brand value of 87%, so its value is already of € 224.2 billion.

For its part, Amazon falls to second ranking after registering a growth of 9%, reaching 216,400 million euros. The electronic commerce giant has been one of the few brands that has benefited from the increase in ‘ecommerce’ due to the pandemic, but the consultancy warns that it must be aware of its reputation.

Google, which has also been surpassed this year by Apple, occupies third place on the podium after a slight increase of 1% in the value of the brand, which now stands at 162.8 billion euros.

In this way, they complete the ‘top 10’ of the world’s most valuable brands Microsoft, Samsung, Walmart, Facebook, ICBC, Verizon and WeChat.

Hilton, the most valuable hotel

In the general classification, the impact of the coronavirus is perceived in the output of the hotels in this ranking. Thus, the most valuable hotel company in the world, Hilton, has registered a 33.8% drop in the value of the brand, to 6,400 million euros; while Marriott has left the ranking this year, after losing more than half of its brand value.

Other sectors related to leisure, the world’s largest coffee and fast food chains have also been affected by enduring restrictions and closures to curb the pandemic. Thus, among the world leaders in the sector, Starbucks registers a fall of 11.7%, to 32,700 million euros; McDonalds it falls 14.8%, to 28,800 million euros; and KFC see how its valuation falls by 16.9%, to 12.8 billion.

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