December 2, 2020

These are the most valuable brands in the world | Fortune

Apple continues to hold the top spot, by eighth yearor consecutive, as the most valuable brand on the planet, with a value of 322,999 million dollars (274,424 million euros) and a growth of 38% compared to 2019. They follow it Amazon, with 200,667 million dollars (170,489 million euros), 60% more than in the previous year, occupying the second position for the first time in the history of the Best Global Brands report, prepared by the consulting firm Interbrand, which includes a hundred trademarks most valuable in the world, as well as the impact that the global coronavirus pandemic and the consequent lockdowns around the planet have had on brand equity. The third position is for Microsoft, with 166,001 million dollars (141,036 million euros), with a growth of 53%. Both the Jeff Bezos multinational and the one directed by Satya Nadella are the ones that grow the most in this edition.

The steep rises of the Top 3 they have caused Google, now in fourth position, to leave the podium after seven years in second position. The notable impact of the coronavirus on one of its main sources of income, advertising, has caused a slight drop of 1% in its value to 165,444 million dollars. For its part, Samsung, with a value of 62,289 million dollars, enters this exclusive list, in the fifth position. They complete the Top 10: Coca-Cola ($ 56,894 million), Toyota ($ 51,595 million), Mercedes-Benz ($ 49,268 million), McDonald’s ($ 42,816 million) and Disney ($ 40,773 million).

The added value of the brands that occupy the top ten represents 50% of the total value of the ranking. In this edition, brands related to communication and social networks have managed well in the last twelve months, especially during the pandemic, proof of this is the entry of Instagram to position 19, YouTube, at 30, and Zoom into 100. For its part, there are other two brands Returning to the list after a few years: Tesla rejoins after three years at No. 40 with a brand value of $ 12.785 million. For its part, the whiskey firm Johnnie Walker returns after two years and is placed in 98th place.

Jeff Bezos, during an Amazon presentation.
Jeff Bezos, during an Amazon presentation. Getty

Entertainment companies, such as Spotify or Netflix, also obtain good results in a context marked by the pandemic: the first (position 70) grew by 52%, climbing 22 places in the ranking; For its part, the second (41) increased its value by 41% and climbed 24 positions. “The brands that grow the most in 2020 stand out for three factors: empathy, agility and affinity. They are able to anticipate the evolution of needs of your customers, they move fast, pivot when needed, and ultimately create emotional connections with consumers by adding value and playing a significant role in their lives, ”stated the global chief growth officer of Interbrand, Gonzalo Brujó.

The study also reflects the impact that the coronavirus has had on businesses that saw their activity interrupted by confinements, as was the case of the fashion brands Zara (35) and H&M (37), whose values ​​fell by 13% and a 14%, respectively. On the other hand, the luxury sector, which in 2018 and 2019 was the industry that registered the highest growth, has put the brakes on this year: all brands fell between 1% and 9%, except Hermès (28), whose value remains almost intact compared to last year.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. Getty

Other brands benefiting from Covid are logistics, which have grown an average of 5%: UPS (24), FedEx (75) and DHL (81). The shift towards electronic media As the first payment option, it has also caused brands such as PayPal (60), Visa (45) and Mastercard (57) to also improve their position in the ranking 12, 10 and 5 places, respectively.

The sudden change towards electronic media as the first payment option has also caused brands such as PayPal (# 60), Visa (# 45) and Mastercard (# 57) to also improve their position in the ranking 12, 10 and 5 positions, respectively. .

Zara and Santander

The difficulties behind derivative confinements of the coronavirus explain the fall in the value of Zara, whose value falls by 13% to 14,862 million dollars. The Inditex banner falls six positions, to 35th place. For its part, the economic upheaval, according to the Interbrand report, affects Santander in the same way, which falls by 12% to 7,474 million dollars, falling seven places, up to 74th position.

“Both Zara and Santander have made great efforts to respond to the challenges posed by the coronavirus and its consequences, reinforcing themselves digitally and preparing their brands to respond to the changing needs of consumers. Despite the drop in its value, Zara continues to be the most valuable brand in its sector, and Santander remains the most valuable bank in the Eurozone, ”said Interbrand CEO for Iberia & the Middle East, Nancy Villanueva.

The total value of the table has grown to 2,326,491 million dollars, 9% more than in 2019. This increase is explained by the impulse of the technological giants that have experienced strong increases in their value this year. In fact, the value added of technology brands and those based on technology platforms represent 48% of the total value of the list. Only the Top 3 (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft) represents 30% of the total value of the 100 brands present in Best Global Brands 2020.


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