Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

These are the most used top tweets and hashtags on Twitter in 2018

Estos son los top tuits y hashtags más utilizados en Twitter en 2018

Twitter has made public the most popular tweets, users and hashtags this year in the microblogging network and in the top highlights the presence of Spanish Rubius.

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The popular youtuber has the honor of having published the tweet with more retuits of the year. It is the tweet in which he wrote the cryptic message "Lemonade 2.0", with which he encouraged his followers to participate in a contest.

With about a million and a half of retweets, The Rubius however has not managed to overcome the most tweet tweet ever last year, which was the teenager who asked for free chicken nuggets.

The most prominent user of 2018 on Twitter has been the K-pop group BTS, a South Korean band that has managed to publish the tweet with more "likes" of the year and also be the most mentioned account.

The tweet with more likes is one of BTS in which they participate in the popular #InMyFeelingsChallenge, which copies the dance of a song by rapper Drake. The singer, by the way, is the fourth most tweeted celebrity in 2018. The video of the South Koreans has generated almost 1.7 million likes.

The tweet published by former President Barack Obama after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, has come in second place with 1.6 million "likes".

Obama also has the honor of starring in the most used GIF on the platform, while it has ranked second in politicians more tweeted after, of course, President Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, Brett Kavanaugh and Sarah Huckabee-Sanders are also in the ranking.

The third tweet with more likes corresponds to a video about a dog that insisted on getting the same medicine for the ear as his brother, a video that has generated 1.4 million "likes" for a twitter user who has less than 3,000 followers

When it comes to campaigns, the March For Our Lives has been the most tweeted movement, followed by protests from the NFL, Students Stand Up, Me Too and Black Lives Matter.

During this year, Twitter users have shared a total of 125 million hashtags and 500 million GIF. Of the 125 million daily hashtags, #nowplaying has been the most used in 2018, followed by #newprofilepic and # bbb18 for Big Brother Brazil.

Movies, series and television programs are also a common theme in twitter conversations. This year, the most commented movies in tweets have been Black PAnther, followed by The Avengers: Infinity War, The Incredibles 2, Star Wars: The Lost Jedi and Deadpool 2.

In terms of series, has highlighted the controversy about Roseanne, as well as Gray's Anatomy, The Waking Dead, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Queer Eye and The Tale of the Maid.

The day of the year in which more tweets were registered was on February 25, the date of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, which was also the second most tweeted sporting event after the FIFA World Cup Russia.

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