January 18, 2021

These are the most sought after and best paid professions in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic



In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, students and workers around the world continue to invest in training to improve and advance their careerss. An example of the success of this business is that of online training platforms, such as Udemy. The company founded in Silicon Valley announced a few weeks ago that its system for learning from companies, Udemy for Business, had gone from one million dollars to 100 million in annual revenue in just five years of history.

Thus, and despite the halt caused by the pandemic in many economic sectors, workers are aware of the need for continuous learning both to be able to retrain and to expand knowledge. In an environment where the trend of learning via the internet is also accelerating, we discussed the work of the future and the professions in demand with Llibert Argerich, Udemy’s Vice President of Marketing.

What to do in case of being unemployed during the pandemic?

The pandemic has caused numerous changes in the work environment that, unfortunately, have affected the jobs of many professionals in different sectors. Therefore, since the beginning of the pandemic, we created the Udemy Free Resources Center, a section accessible to all users that offers a wide variety of free courses, with a 100% practical approach, on different topics that meet the needs that companies are looking for today. Constant training is one of the factors that most increases our chances of finding new jobs and continuing to grow as professionals.

What are the most sought-after professional skills in job candidates today?

This year at Udemy for Business we have seen significant increases in certain technology skills such as neural networks, TensorFlow, chatbots, Microsoft Azure and OpenCV, among others. But nevertheless, companies are also betting on developing among their employees what are known as “soft skills” or “soft skills”. Among the most sought after soft skills are the growth mindset, creativity and innovation.

Llibert Argerich
Llibert Argerich – ABC

And the areas or professions with the greatest demand? Where are the best salaries paid?

According to the latest data from the consulting firm Spring Professional, the professions most in demand this year in the labor market are those related to technical skills. Specifically, those professions related to the Information Technology sector such as cloud computing architects or Java developers.

The highest paid professions aren those of Cybersecurity Presales Executives and Chief Information Systems (CIO). This trend coincides with the importance that programming courses have acquired on our platform. As proof of this we have that the Python language course is the most popular among Udemy for Business customers.

Based on their experience with the course platform, are Spaniards prepared for digital transformation or are they at the bottom of developed countries?

Spain is betting more and more on digital transformation and, without a doubt, the current situation has contributed to accelerating this transformation in Spain. We have seen how many companies have had to adapt to the digital environment overnight. Companies have found it necessary to resort to experts in learning and development, as well as human resources, to adapt to a new scenario in which the workforce is dispersed, communication is through virtual tools, there are continuous changes and we are faced with economic uncertainty.

To do this, these professionals have largely made use of digital learning as the main tool to stay competitive in this new context, while keeping their employees engaged. A true reflection of this digitization by companies globally has been that Udemy for Business has seen a 90% increase in enrollments as employees adapted to telecommuting in early 2020 and their consumption has remained high as employees continue to learn through change.

On the other hand, at the individual level, workers have also joined this digital transformation, as we have noticed a large increase in online training in Spain.

How should we prepare to succeed in tomorrow’s world of work?

Without a doubt, constant training is essential to maintain a competitive advantage and long-term success. Currently, take a course or a career on a certain topic does not assure us that we are experts forever in that area. Rapid technological advances have reduced the life cycle of the skills most related to new technologies to an average of just five years, from the almost 50 years of a person’s working life.

In fact, according to the latest edition of the study «Deficiencies in Capacities» prepared by Udemy, almost 80% of Spaniards consider that their skills are becoming obsolete. For this reason, a greater awareness of both individuals and companies regarding continuous training is necessary to grow and succeed professionally today.

If I feel like I’m stuck in my current job, what can I do to advance my career?

The key is, once again, training, as it allows us to broaden our horizons and position ourselves as essential pieces in our companies. It is not only important to reinforce and update our technical skills to always be efficient in our functions and avoid obsolescence of knowledge, but also to train ourselves in complementary skills that allow us to develop and grow professionally.

Here “soft skills” are especially important, which enable us to lead and interact appropriately with the people around us, as well as to appropriately face changes, solve problems or be creative, among other aspects.

Do you think teleworking is here to stay?

I believe that, as a result of the covid-19 and the confinement, the irruption of teleworking has served to most of the companies have discovered its advantages. While it is true that we must continue to work on adequate regulation, I believe that once this exceptional situation passes, many companies will continue to offer their employees this type of work as something normalized.

The pandemic has helped us realize that the efficiency and productivity of an employee or an organization does not depend on where they work. In this sense, a good leader must trust his team regardless of where they are physically. What will determine if a good job is being done will be the fact of meeting the objectives and set deadlines, maintaining team spirit and constant communication, as well as high levels of motivation.

How will companies and the organization of work change after the pandemic?

Online training will be established as one of the fundamental pillars in the relationship that companies have with their workers, due to the many advantages it offers. In conclusion, companies face a new business paradigm in which those organizations that are capable of adapting their business models to the business environment will be successful.igital, at the same time that they offer their employees the tools and capacities necessary to increase their work flexibility and to be in a constant process of adaptation, training and change.

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