October 30, 2020

These are the most profitable holiday destinations of 'sun and beach' in Spain | Economy

These are the most profitable holiday destinations of 'sun and beach' in Spain | Economy

Ibiza has become the most profitable Spanish tourist destination for hoteliers (and more burdensome for customers). Three locations on the island are among the five with the highest income per hotel room available (RevPAR), according to the ranking prepared by the lobby tourism Exceltur presented this Thursday. With more than 124 euros of income per available room, San Josep de Sa Talaia is the municipality where hotels get more performance from their facilities, followed by Eivissa (Ibiza capital) and Chiclana de la Frontera, in Cádiz. Santa Eulària des Rius occupies the fourth place.

RevPAR is an indicator used to measure the profitability of hotels. It combines the occupancy data with the price of the room (ADR or average daily rate) to obtain the income that a hotel obtains over a period for each room it has. For example, if a hotel has two rooms at a price (ADR) of 100 euros and during a given period only occupies one (50% occupancy), its RevPAR in that period is 50 euros. That is, the more expensive and busy a hotel, the more RevPAR.

With this indicator and based on the occupation and tariff data of the INE, Exceltur elaborates the Barometer of the Profitability of Spanish Hotels, whose edition of 2018 has published today and which includes 106 tourist destinations. According to that barometer, 2018 has suited the destinations of the Balearic Islands and the urban ones, while the Canary Islands have experienced the recovery of sun and beach tourism in competing destinations in the Mediterranean, such as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia or Greece.

Exceltur states that the destinations of the Balearic Islands have benefited "by the large investment in renovation of facilities and repositioning carried out in recent years."

A) Yes, San Josep de Sa Talaia it is the most profitable municipality, with a RevPAR of 124.1 euros in 2018, with an increase of 10.5% of this indicator, which has also led to an improvement in employment in the town of 1.3%. It surpasses San Josep to the city of Ibiza, the second in the list, which has seen income per room drop by 7.1% to 121.8 euros. In third place of the ranking is Chiclana de la Frontera, with 111.9 euros, 4.3% more. Behind, in fourth place, another Ibizan town is located, Santa Eulària des Rius, with 109.8 euros per available room. It closes the top five and the group of municipalities with revenues of more than 100 euros the destination of Tenerife Adeje, with 101.8 euros.

On the other side, El Puerto de Santa María, also in Cádiz, is one of the biggest sun and beach destinations in Spain, which took the least party to its rooms in 2018, barely 35.6 euros (7.3% less) , behind Cartagena (44.2 euros) and Dénia (46.8 euros).


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