July 4, 2020

These are the most downloaded airline apps

Little by little, the airlines have also made the leap to the mobile applications business, using these tools as a way to help their clients check-ins, retain them, offer discounts and promotions, etc.

But which app of an airline has more adoption? Thanks to the Sensor Tower Store Intelligence platform we can know which application of an airline was the most downloaded worldwide during the past month of October.

The app of Ryanair It was the one that obtained more facilities in said interval. The low-cost airline tool registered over 900,000 downloads during the month, which represents an increase of 2% compared to the figure accounted for in October 2018. The countries in which it fell the most were the United Kingdom (19%) and Italy (15%).

The second most downloaded was that of United Airlines, with 612,000 installations, that is, 3% more year-on-year. The country with the highest number of downloads was, by far, USA (78%), followed by Canada (4%).

The top 5 of the general ranking is completed by American Airlins, Southwest and Delta.

The low-cost top the top of Google Play

These five apps are the ones that also appear in the top five positions of the App Store listing, although their positions vary. However, things change a lot in relation to Google Play.

That of Ryanair It was the app that was downloaded the most. Below are the application of AirAsia, those of low-cost airlines Easyjet and Indigo and that of the Chilean LATAM Airlines.

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