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Since its origins, there have been many scientific studies that have been carried out abouthow we are affected by the radiation emitted by mobile phones.The research continues to develop, but for now the experts have been able to agree unanimously on the consequences this exposure to the radiofrequencies that smartphones can have on our health.

In any case, what is clear is that these devices emit radiation. Now, do all the mobiles do it in the same amount? The answer is no. To measure the amount of radiation that a smartphone emits, a parameter calledSpecific Absorption Rate(Specific Absorption Rate), which quantifies the power absorbed by the human body when exposed to a source of non-ionizing radiation

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The lower the SAR, the less radiation the device emits and, therefore,Less risk means to our health.In the case of the European Union, it is required that the devices emit a maximum of 2 several per kilogram (W / kg).

There are several organizations that periodically publish the radiation levels of the new mobile models. One of the most reliable is theGerman Federal Office for the Protection of Radiation(Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz).

In its latest update, made in December 2018, this body states that the model that emits the most radiation is the Xiaomi Mi A1, with 1.75 watts per kilogram. Right at the other end, eThe smartphone with the lowest level of radiation emitted is the Samsung Galaxy Note8, which only emits 0.17 watts per kilo.

Check the radiations of your mobile

In this tool you canCheck the level of radiation your device emits.

To know the results, you just have to search orEnter the trademark and model of your smartphone. The value offered by this tool includes the level of radiation when we have the smartphone stuck to the ear or when we use it close to other parts of the body.


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