April 16, 2021

These are the measures included in the Budgets that are debated in the Congress

These are the measures included in the Budgets that are debated in the Congress


The Bill of the General Budget Law of the State of 2019 approved by the Government a month ago and that this Tuesday is submitted to the debate of totality in the Congress of Deputies includes the following news Budgets are faced with the amendments to the entire PP, Citizens, Republican Esquerra (ERC), PDeCAT, Canary Coalition and Asturias Forum, which total 185 votes, well above the absolute majority. UPN has also announced its support for the return of the budget project and even Bildu does not rule it out, which could raise the figure to 189 votes.

Chapter of expenses:

– Increase in pensions of 1.6% in general, reaching 3% in the case of minimum and non-contributory (approved by decree law and already in force).

– Increase of 22.3% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary, up to 900 gross monthly euros (approved by decree law and already in force).

– Upload of Official salary of 2.25%, plus an additional 0.25% from July 1 after reaching the growth expected for 2018 (approved by decree law and already in force).

– Extension of the pfatherhood ermiss from five to eight weeks.

– Elimination of co-payment for pensioners with low and collective incomes more vulnerable.

– Recovery of subsidy for unemployed over 52 years, with 114,000 potential beneficiaries.

– Recovery of special agreement of non-professional carers and the payment by the State of its contributions to Social Security, with 180,000 people as potential beneficiaries.

– Increase of the benefit per child in charge from 291 to 341 euros for families living in poverty and at 588 euros for families in a situation of severe poverty.

– It promotes the universalization of the school between 0 and 3 years with its inclusion among the actions of local corporations that could be classified as financially sustainable investments. The municipalities that do not have a surplus will have 30 million for this purpose.

– Inclusion for the first time of a specific provision for the care of unaccompanied foreign minors (MENA), which amounts to 30 million euros.

Income chapter:

– Ascent of 2 points of the IRPF for income higher than 130,000 euros per year and 4 points for bases higher than 300,000 euros, which will affect 80,000 taxpayers.

– Ascent of 4 points in the IRPF to savings income over 140,000 euros per year, which will affect 20,792 taxpayers.

– Kind Minimum of 15% in Corporate Tax for large companies and 18% for the banking and hydrocarbon companies, which will affect 10,092 companies.

– Reduction from 100% to 95% of the exemption on dividends and capital gains in the Corporation Tax.

– Reduction of Type of companies from 25% to 23% for companies with a turnover of less than 1 million euros, which will benefit 349,000 companies.

– Descent from VAT for feminine hygiene products at the 4% rate.

– Descent from VAT for books, newspapers and magazines in electronic format at the 4% rate.

– Descent from VAT for veterinary services at the 10% rate.

– Removal of the temporary nature of Wealth Tax and increase 1% for the fortunes of more than 10 million, with 2,550 taxpayers affected.

– 15% tax for the undistributed profits of listed investment companies in the real estate market (socimi).

– Increase of lto taxation of diesel at 3.8 cents per liter to equate it with gasoline.

– The Tax Agency will monitor that investment companies with variable capital (sicav) they meet the requirements to be.

– Bonus in the Tax of Companies for the companies that incorporate to women on their boards of directors until they achieve equality. Up to 10% of the remuneration of the new counselors may be deducted.


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