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Prices continued to climb in November and before the start of one of the most expensive Christmas campaigns in recent decades. Inflation rose one tenth in relation to the previous month, to a percentage of 5.5%, and set a new record not seen since September 1992. Statistics confirmed today that food was one of the items that pushed prices up the most with a variation of 3.3%, more than one point and a half higher than that of October. In this evolution, it stands out that fruit prices fell in 2020 more than this month and, to a lesser extent, that the price of meat increased, while it fell last year.

Within the shopping basket, the products that increased the most were olive oil, which rose by 25.5%, sheep and goat meat (15%), soft drinks (10.5) and pasta ( 10.3%), margarine and other fats (10.3%), canned fruits (7.7%) and fresh fruits (6%).

The electricity, which has become more expensive in the last year by 46.7% including the tax reductions applied to the electricity bill, was thus transferred to the shopping basket. Prices are also influenced by the rise in costs at origin due to the rise in raw materials and due to traffic jams in maritime transport. Natural gas, the raw material behind the formation of electricity prices, became more expensive by 11.3% year-on-year in November. Thus, the increase in electricity - which today marks a new record in the wholesale market - drowns both households and companies, immersed in a reactivation stage after the pandemic, and industry, especially the electrointensive.

The Liquid fuels also shot up their prices by 62.7%: Diesel increased 32.8% annually in November and gasoline 29.4%. Liquefied hydrocarbons, such as butane and propane, 33.6% also went wild.

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The hotel and accommodation index also became more expensive by 24.2% compared to 2020, a year marked by the pandemic. Other items such as bank and post office commissions rose 10.6% in interannual variation.

The collapse of the supply chain and the shortage of chips also impacted on the increase in prices of some products such as new cars, which registered a price increase of 4.1%. In addition, bicycles (7.7%), motorcycles (2.8) and tires (3.2%) rose

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