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The day-to-day work in a house is very hard despite the little recognition that it has on many occasions. An example of this is represented by difficulties many housewives face who, after years of working every day without any remuneration, find that they have not contributed enough to Social Security to receive a pension. However, there are some aids and subsidies aimed at alleviating these problems. We detail them below.

Active insertion income (451.92 euros per month)

Active insertion income (RAI) can be requested by all unemployed people under 65 who have signed an active job search commitment. Those who receive an income of more than 723.75 euros per month (75% of the minimum interprofessional salary) may not request it. If you have a spouse, children under 26 or over 26 with disabilities, the income of all will be added and divided by the number of people that make up the family unit, the result may not exceed those 723.75 euros.

The RAI, which will have a duration of 11 months, allows you to receive 451.92 euros each month. However, this period may be extended in some specific circumstances, such as that of victims of gender or domestic violence. If they are forced to change residence, they will be able to request a supplementary aid of three months in a single payment that will not reduce the rest of the aid.

It can be requested at any time, as long as the requirements are met, at the SEPE electronic headquarters, at any benefit or public registry office and by administrative mail.

Minimum vital income (IMV)

The minimum vital income is, according to Social Security, “a benefit aimed at prevent the risk of poverty and social exclusion » with the aim of covering «basic needs». The aid varies depending on the extent of the coexistence unit that benefits from it.

For example, an adult would be guaranteed 469.93 euros and two adults, 610.91 euros, which would increase to 892.87 euros if they had two minors in charge. An adult and a minor could receive 714.30 euros, rising to 855.28 euros if there are two minors or 996.26 euros if there are three minors. These are just a few examples, but Social Security provides amounts for most of the existing assumptions.

Nevertheless, the final amount of the aid It will be the difference between the income obtained, taking the previous year as a reference, and the guaranteed figure.

Other subsidies

In addition to the RAI and the IMV, there are other subsidies that housewives could also benefit from as long as they meet the requirements: the subsidy for those over 45 years of age and the unemployment benefit for those over 52. However, to access them it is necessary to have previously paid, so it is not accessible to those who have not worked outside the home for a certain period of time.

Unemployment benefit for people over 52 years of age is an aid that can be requested by people who have contributed enough years to collect a retirement pension but do not meet the age requirement to obtain it. In that case, they will be able to receive 451.92 euros per month until they reach ordinary retirement age.
Here we explain all the requirements
and the steps to request it.

On the other hand, the subsidy for people over 45 years of age can be collected by those people over 45 years of age, without family responsibilities in their charge, who have exhausted their unemployment benefit. It will last six months and will involve a monthly payment of 451.92 euros.

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