Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

These are the finalists who aspire to win today 'La Voz'

Estos son los finalistas que aspiran a ganar hoy ‘La Voz’

The voice
celebrates this Wednesday its Grand finale and a doubt floods the followers of the talent show. Which of the four finalists will win the prize? Four names -Javier Moya, Andrés Martín, María Espinosa and Ángel Cortés-, four cars -Luis Fonsi, Pablo López, Paulina Rubio and Antonio Orozco- and just one wonr.

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The first one is María Espinosa, a young girl from Seville who, every time she has climbed on stage, has dazzled the coaches. And is not for less. His performances in the Antena 3 talent show convinced Luis Fonsi to turn your chair, but throughout the program has ended up liking everyone. It's undeniable. A clear example can be seen in his performance of the semifinal, where the One x one by Manuel Carrasco was totally cheered. Will you be lucky tonight?

In the second instance we must remember the torrent of Ángel Cortés, the student of Paulina Rubio that turned the audience crazy with its quality and vocal strength. During his last performance we could see him interpret the classic Poppy making it his. Will this man win the big microphone and win The voice?

From the team Pablo López you have to remember the figure of Andrés Martín. That musician already known in the Madrid subway, even more so after his coach recently accompanied him in the subway with a moment that became viral, is also now on the stage of La Voz. His particular sensitivity has accompanied him to the highest throughout the program. Will it culminate thrilling in the final?

The last, which is no less important, is Javi Moya, the finalist of the team of Antonio Orozco This Sevillian reminded all viewers with his interpretation of Where is the love that is a firm finalist to win the victory. The coaches did not hesitate to stand up in front of such a display of sensitivity. Will it be enough to win?

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