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These are the favorite series of Espanyol players

These are the favorite series of Espanyol players

Platforms like Netflix They have revolutionized free time and almost anyone who can afford it kills time consuming series. The soccer players are not an exception. And here we have the favorites of the players of the Spanish. Although they coincide in some, within the template there is a variety of tastes.

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It is for example Borja Iglesias, that comes from seeing The paper house (after this it is impossible not to imagine the characters with panda masks instead of those of Dalí) and is waiting to start the last season of Narcos. To the stories of mobsters seems amateur Víctor Sánchez, who could be considered Lord Wolf of Pulp Fiction of the perica template. Your preferences: the series of Chapo and now he wants to sink his tooth Narcos as well. The midfielder usually sees them always in his tablet, not as Barn, that he does not have.

By order of Roberto Jiménez! "

The most exquisite of all is Roberto Jiménez, a complete dandy, a fan of the series where the protagonists dress like a brush and they blow up twenty people in a tavern in Birmingham and they win a multi-million dollar case in the courts of New York. Both things without disheveled, with all the bearing. Yes, the Espanyol goalkeeper pulls Peaky Blinders Y Suits. Oh, and "always in the original version, please". Roberto entering the locker room with the cry of "By order of the Peaky Blinders!". What a scene

TO Mario Hermoso what happens to so many human beings: he needs to finish them soon, in a sofa and blanket marathon, because if he leaves them they will "forget things". The one that he liked a lot is Shooter, like Melendo. Although by personality, if the central had to choose between Game of Thrones Y The paper house, I would choose the second one. Roberto and Borja Iglesias, meanwhile, would stay with Game of Thrones.

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