These are the expected Amazon offers for Black Friday

These are the expected Amazon offers for Black Friday


Nothing is left for the expected Black Friday, one of the sales in which consumers are more attentive to make their purchases.

Amazon, as it could not be otherwise, has already confirmed its participation in the Black Friday of this 2018, although it has already begun to put on sale products with discounts in its most popular categories, such as books, electronics or fashion, it will be the November 23 when they will launch the much more remarkable offers.

When does Amazon Black Friday start?

Well, the reality is that on the 12th of November Amazon already started to launch some of their offers, so there is no need to wait until Friday, November 23 to get products at much lower prices.

On the Black Friday of the previous year, Amazon It offered about 15,000 products with a final reduction of up to 40 or 50%, so it is estimated that this year will be very similar.

How to take advantage of the Amazon Black Friday offers?

First of all, we must know that Amazon will launch three types of offers during this week, the Black Friday week and the one after this event. The first are the offers of the day, those that only last 24 hours, the second are the featured offers, which can last several days and, finally, are the flash offers, with a duration of 6 to 12 hours. These data are key to not miss the opportunity when purchasing a product.

Another important point to take advantage of offers is to become an Amazon Prime user, with which you can have priority access to flash offers, as well as fast shipments, even in less than 24 hours, and free. Amazon Prime only costs € 36 per year, which also includes Prime Video and Prime Music.

In addition, to be the first to get the offers you must set the time in which they are activated, as well as how long you have to be able to acquire what you want.

Top offers

Some of the most outstanding discounts by type of offer are the following:


1. Bra Prior Low pan with glass lid

Great offer in household items, BRA brand renowned promotes this multi-purpose casserole.

2. LG VR8602RR – Hombot Turbo Series 9+

Robot vacuum cleaner perfect for homes with children or pets. You can keep the floor clean without effort, even programming when you want it to clean. So when you get home, the entire floor will be clean.

3. Sabanalia – Nordic quilt, fiber 300 g Xtreme

The cold is here to stay. Sleep without the temperature being a problem for a very low price.

4. Energy Sistem Tower 8

With a power of 100 watts is the ideal complement for those who enjoy watching movies at home. Feel like you're at the movies.

5. 15% discount on Record Player: Ion Audio

Lovers of music, the return to the classics has come. You can have a record player at home and listen to music in the most mainstream way.

6. Lexar Professional Card

This 64GB card is perfect for high quality video or photography cameras. The weight of these files is usually very high, do not run out of storage space taking advantage of this offer.

7. LuguLake 3-speed stereo turntable

Enjoy music in the most classic way for less than € 40, what do you think?

8. Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to music with 5W of power anywhere, without the need to be connected.

9. Mighty Rock E7basicC – Wireless headband headphones

With these headphones you can listen to music for up to 30 hours without using cables.

10. HUION Wireless graphic tablet INSPIROY Q11K V2

In this case we continue with the wireless, now a graphic tablet, perfect for drawing, designing, photo retouching, etc.


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