These are the exclusive most valuable Spanish coins

These are the exclusive most valuable Spanish coins

Coin collecting has become a very particular hobby for a good part of Spaniards. Thus, some of the rarest launched on the market by the National Currency and Stamp Factory (FNMT) are a true collector's item for numismatics enthusiasts.

This 2022, the public entity, attached to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, has launched a series of coins for collectors to commemorate some of the most important moments in the history of Spain and Europe. With different sizes, images and materials, these objects are unique and highly valued.

These are the most exclusive commemorative coins launched by the National Currency and Stamp Factory this year 2022:


Last Monday, July 4, the National Currency and Stamp Factory launched a new coin for collectors. This will serve to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the euro in Europe and will have a face value of 10 euros.

15 cent coin «Iberian Lynx»

Another of the commemorative coins that have stood out this 2022 has been that of the lynx image, launched by the National Currency and Stamp Factory. This collector's item is part of the series of investment coins and stands out for having the image of the mythical Iberian lynx engraved on its reverse. It is made up of one tenth of an ounce and its face value is 15 cents.

2 euro coin «35 years of the Erasmus programme»

The 35 years of the Erasmus program have also served to carry out a commemorative coin of the moment in Spain. This coin, with a value of 2 euros, has been circulating in our country since July 1, 2022 and one million pieces of it will be issued throughout this year, as stated in the Official State Gazette.

1.5 euro coin «Bull»

Opposite the Iberian lynx coin, another coin will also commemorate one of the most mythical animals in Spain. This is the bull, which this year will be the protagonist of the one ounce gold coin. The value of this piece, highly valued by coin collectors, will be 1.5 euros.

10 euro coin «Antonio de Nebrija»

Antonio de Nebrija has been another of the great figures in history who has also been awarded a coin from the National Currency and Stamp Factory. Made of silver, this piece commemorates the V Centenary of Antonio de Nebrija to pay homage to the first Hispanic humanist. The face value of this coin will be 10 euros and it will be highly valued among collectors due to its exclusivity.

2 euro coin «V Centenary of the Tour of the World»

The 2 euro coin of the V Centenary of the first Tour of the World is also among the three commemorative coins that the National Currency and Stamp Factory has put into circulation this 2022. With it, it is celebrated that on September 6, 1522 Juan Sebastián Elcano completed for the first time the first maritime milestone in history.

10 euro coin «Clara Campoamor»

On the occasion of International Women's Day and the 50th anniversary of the death of Clara Campoamor, the National Currency and Stamp Factory dedicated the first coin of 2022 to the Spanish feminist politician and activist on February 28. The face value of this coin, intended to commemorate women, will be 10 euros.

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