June 12, 2021

These are the countries where you can go out without a mask

Streets of Jerusalem, with hardly any masks, this Sunday.

Streets of Jerusalem, with hardly any masks, this Sunday.

Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Poland and now Hungary. These are the countries in which the use of the face mask in outdoor spaces. One more step on the way to overcome the coronavirus crisis which has already caused more than 165 million infections and almost 3.5 million deaths worldwide.


Australia, one of the most successful countries in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, He was also one of the first to give the go-ahead for the removal of the mask. Confinements and border closures have allowed the nation to control the spread of the pathogen and began to ease restrictions since last January. Only the state of Victoria has occasionally had to return to lockdown due to virus outbreaks.


Americans completely vaccinated against covid-19 they do not have to wear the mask outdoors Unless they are in crowded spaces surrounded by strangers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) At the end of April, they took another step to bring the country closer to normal before the progress of a vaccination campaign. The new regulation, which is no more than a recommendation, also authorizes unvaccinated people to dispense with protection when walking, jogging or cycling with members of the family nucleus.

And before this sweet recommendation, the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, that will allow people fully vaccinated do not carry masks in most places. “Beginning Wednesday, New York State will adopt CDC’s new social distancing and mask recommendation for vaccinated people,” Cuomo tweeted. “People not vaccinated should continue to wear a mask,” he clarified.


The British also do not have to wear the mask outdoors since April 22. However, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, asked this Sunday for a “dose of caution” in view of the return on Monday of social contacts in the United Kingdom, given the concern about the spread of the Indian variant of the covid.

The United Kingdom also returns to allow trips abroad from Monday, May 17, one of the measures of the new step in the de-escalation, which also includes the reopening of indoor hotels and theaters, after the country maintained a lockdown since the beginning of the year.

In case of Gibraltar It shows in a few meters the different position of two territories with respect to the mask, the British and the Spanish. On The Line of the Conception You must wear the mask at all times, once you cross the border and enter British territory, you do not have to wear it.


In the Hebrew country they are already free of masks. The Minister of Health of Israel, Yuli Edelstein, announced that as of April 18, It will not be mandatory to wear a mask outdoors in the country. The decision has been made based on expert recommendations. Israel was one of the first countries in the world, in the spring of 2020, to impose the sanitary mask in public places. The successful vaccination campaign has been decisive now to relax that measure. Currently 53% of its population of 9.3 million people have already received both doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine.


Since May 15, Poles are also not required to wear the mask outdoors. The Polish government announced days before his de-escalation plan after a decline in numbers of covid in the country “thanks to our responsible behavior already a growing number of vaccinated people“, as the authorities have said.


Hungary is the latest country to remove the obligation to wear a mask and lift most of the remaining covid-19 restrictions, including the night curfew, as soon as the number of vaccinated reaches 5 million. And he hopes to do so this weekend, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told radio on Friday, Reuters reports.

Orban said mask would no longer be needed in public places and that meetings of up to 500 people can be held outdoor. Weddings with up to 200 people present will also be allowed.


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