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These are the contestants of 'GH VIP 7'

Big Brother VIP
returns to the Mediaset grill this Wednesday after several weeks announcing who will be next contestants and inhabitants of the house of Guadalix de la Sierra. And they will do it in a seventh edition that starts with a double gala, as usual, and will be distributed between tonight and tomorrow Thursday.

Between these two days the viewers will be able to know the identity of all the names that will make up the template for this new edition of GH VIP. Do you already know who are the chosen ones confirmed by Mediaset for which it is already seventh season of the rVIP reality show most famous television?

Hugo Castejón

Hugo Castejón was announced in Ana Rosa's program this Monday. The one who was Marta Sánchez's boyfriend He goes into this new adventure in which he will have to live with his companions in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra and be the best to take the desired briefcase that everyone wants.

This deputy director general of University Promotion with the PP during the Esperanza Aguirre stage at the head of the Community of Madrid, he has put aside this professional facet to enter the universe of the song, with which he will present himself to Big Brother VIP. Will any of your lyrics sing to the participants?

Hugo Castejón returns to 'GH' ... as a contestant.

Hugo Castejón returns to 'GH' … as a contestant.

Nuria Martinez

Nuria Martínez is a influencer, dancer, pharmacy student and friend of television's most famous camelador: Omar Montes. There has been a lot of talk about a supposed relationship between this and the last winner of Survivors, but at the moment there is nothing confirmed.

At 29, he now launches to the Mediaset universe thanks to his participation in GH VIP and after collaborating as an actress in the singer's latest music video, as well as in reality
With you until the end of the world
which issued Antena 3 years ago.

Nuria Martínez, alleged girlfriend of Omar Montes, is the new confirmed contestant of 'GH VIP 7 "https: ="

Nuria Martínez, alleged girlfriend of Omar Montes, is the new confirmed contestant of 'GH VIP 7'
(Mediaset Spain)

Alba Carrillo

Alba Carrillo is an old acquaintance of the chain. Whichever couple of Fonsi Nieto and Feliciano López return to the small screen to try to take the briefcase GH VIP and shut up all those mouths that have accused and criticized her for her character. Will you have a good relationship with your classmates?

With this Carrillo already adds three realities behind him after
Supermodel and Survivors 2017
, although we could also see her in
Talk to them
, the program presented by five women where they discussed issues of the heart and current affairs in the early hours of two summers ago.

Alba Carrillo, new collaborator of Sonsóles Ónega

Alba Carrillo, new collaborator of Sonsóles Ónega

Naomi Salazar

Noemí Salazar returns to the house of Guadalix de la Sierra after an ephemeral appearance to promoter the last season of Gipsy kings in which he participated. An inclusion he liked to the point of calling her to go back into the home of the great brothers.

Besides, she won't be alone. Support from outside will not be missing and less after asking all his followers to support her once he enters the reality show. Because Naomi Salazar wants to win. He is a fan of the program since its first edition and wants to show that she can also achieve victory.

Noemí Salazar, contestant of 'GH VIP 7 "https: ="

Noemí Salazar, contestant of 'GH VIP 7'

Estela Grande

Estela Grande is probably one of the faces of this new edition most unknown to the public. And is that this girl is the wife of Diego Matamoros, the brother of the collaborator of Save me Kiko Matamoros. With this participation, the Matamoros quota is thus fulfilled in the programs of the chain. Will he win like Laura?

Estela Grande, confirmed contestant of 'GH VIP 7 "https: ="

Estela Grande, confirmed contestant of 'GH VIP 7'

Adara Miller

Adara Miller You already know what it is to live in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra. This young woman was a contestant of the seventeenth edition of the reality show, that is, the first one presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez after the departure of Mercedes Milá. There he had an affair with Pol, one of his companions, but it was not the only thing he reaped there.

Adara's discussions with the rest of her classmates They are already part of the history of the program. It will be necessary to see if in the VIP version it also follows the line or on the contrary its recent maternity has transformed the character of the young woman.

Adara Molinero turns on the nets talking about her baby

Adara Molinero turns on the nets talking about her baby
(Adara Molinero Instagram Profile)

Dinio García

Dinio García is an old acquaintance of the small screen. Famous for his relationship with Marujita Díaz, this Cuban has already participated in an identical program that the most nostalgic will remember: Hotel Glam. There he was runner-up, but this 2019 he can pay off his own debt with the victory.

For this, he will have to prevent the night from confusing him, just as he said that famous song he took out and in which he made love throughout the day. With or without comforter, Dinio enters a new adventure in the house of Guadalix since this Wednesday. Who knows if it will come out in three months … or not.



Anabel Pantoja

Anabel Pantoja meets the Pantoja quota of Mediaset realities. Although Estela Grande does the same with the Matamoros, Isabel Pantoja's niece does the same with Cantora. And it is that this young woman is already known from the Mediaset programs and the Save Me in particular universe.

Also, this is not his first reality. Already participated in Survivors in 2014, now is the turn of GH VIP; a program for which he has already said goodbye to his people with a great party that he can repeat in the Madrid mountains but accompanied by contestants and between walls that see everything he does.

Anabel Pantoja was a contestant on 'Survivors' in 2014

Anabel Pantoja was a contestant on 'Survivors' in 2014


Eyebrows rose to fame with his participation in

Got talent
. Such was the surprise that the followers of the program took away that even Santi Millán decided to give him his golden pass. A landing to the audiovisual world that was reinforced with its channel in Mtmad and its 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

“It's a complicated litmus test, it's three months locked up. I will arrive with all the attitude of winning, to show you who Diego is, but always with my coñas de El Cejas. ” With these words he said goodbye to his followers … in three months?



Mila Ximenez

Mila Ximénez was the first contestant of this new confirmed edition. The journalist and collaborator of Sálvame thus joins the long list of companions of the program who have gone through the VIP version of the most famous reality television show. The question is whether they will defend it or not.

And it is not the first time that Ximénez launches to participate in a reality show of the chain. He already did it in Survivors, where he demonstrated his survival skills. Now it is the turn to live between four walls that will observe each of their movements. "s =" "confirm =" "a =" "mila =" "xim =" "as =" "first =" "contestant =" "de =" "vip ="

'Save me' confirms Mila Ximénez as the first contestant of 'GH VIP 7'

Kiko Jimenez?

These are the contestants confirmed to date for the new edition of GH VIP, but there have been few leaks that speak of alleged contestants that had been rumored a lot. One of them is Kiko Jiménez, the current boyfriend of Sofía Suescun and ex-partner of Gloria Camilto.

The one who was a tronista of Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV) is one of the names that has sounded the most throughout the summer Looking forward to this new edition. The question is when will your entry into the house of Guadalix be confirmed? Will he be the next official contestant? "s =" "deluxe =" "kiko =" "jim =" "ask =" "perd =" "a =" "ortega =" "cano =" "y =" "account =" "c =" "was =" "la =" "night =" "de =" "pasi =" "gloria =" "camila =" "con =" "una =" "actress ="

'Saturday Deluxe': Kiko Jiménez apologizes to Ortega Cano and tells how Gloria Camila's passion night was with an actress

Irene Junquera?

Something similar happens with the journalist Irene Junquera. Who was a collaborator in
Punto Pelota and El chiringuito de jugones
initially as well as in
a posteriori, jumped to Mediaset to present All you need is love… or nor with Risto Mejide. However, this format did not work.

With Big Brother VIP Junquera he would return to the small screen, but not as a journalist but to show himself as he is. Will it fit inside the house of Guadalix de la Sierra? Will it finally be confirmed for this new edition? Save me leaked that it would be.

The hidden talent of Irene Junquera

The hidden talent of Irene Junquera

Master Joao?

There, in the afternoon program of Telecinco, it has been where Belén Esteban has suggested that Maestro Joao will also be a contestant of this seventh edition of GH VIP. After reading the future on the backs of your fellow Survivors, how will you surprise your classmates?

This Wednesday returns to the small screen a new season of the most acclaimed and successful program of the Mediaset universe. It will do so with broadcasts on both Telecinco and Cuatro and with the support of Mitele Plus, where followers of the format can follow life live. Big Brother's house opens to receive his new contestants. Ready?

Master Joao

Master Joao

What is the cache of the contestants?

Infographic OK Confirmed GH VIP

Infographic OK Confirmed GH VIP

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