These are the companies where the "millennians" want to work

These are the companies where the "millennians" want to work

Times change, and tastes also when choosing a job. Fundación IE, in collaboration with Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), have recently published a study that has as its main objective promote and improve the social responsibility of companies so that they adapt to the needs of the "millenians". Tecla Keller, deputy vice president of the IE Foundation, explains the causes that led to this report: "We want to demonstrate that a good corporate social responsibility policy influences business variables and increases the income of companies. This is reflected, above all, in the brand itself, in the willingness of young people to buy the products. This new report is novel because this type of studies had never been done in a scientific way, "Keller argues.

Since the term "millennians" or "Generation Y" was born, much has been said about these young people. ages between 35 and 20 years old, approximately. But are they really looking for something different in a company than their predecessors of "Generation X"? Or what is the same, does a worker of 40 years have the same preferences as one of 20? Well, it seems that yes. "In our study we have not seen major changes between these two generations. This is good news for companies, because it means that they do not have to adopt very different measures, "explains the deputy vice president of the IE Foundation.

One of the conclusions provided by the study is that the difference in the perception of the company by workers varies more than 50% according to the type of social responsibility actions. "We have measured these preferences from different actions of corporate responsibility and the results have been that, in addition to the conditions linked to the work itself (salary, flexibility in the schedules …), The social actions that take most into account are those of the local factor, that is, that they see it really close to them and that they are intimately related to the business of the company. They are perceived as more credible and real, "says Keller.

The study was carried out in two phases: a first exploration, via focus group, and a second, fundamental, quantification via survey-experiment, in which about a thousand "millennials" were interviewed and Generation X. "It can be seen that social responsibility activities really influence and they always compensate", concludes Tecla Keller.


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