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Spanish investors have also been infected in the last year of the fever for the purchase of shares of technology and Tesla It was the most powerful asset for national portfolios during the first quarter, according to the 1st Investment Report prepared by Ninenty nine. This, despite the high price of the company's share, which reached over $ 880 in January. This has not been an impediment for some users who demand, more and more, values ​​very different from the traditional ones.

In this way, the Spanish investor once again left the national market aside, in search of sectors with little presence in the stock markets of our country. Namely, the Canadian medical cannabis producer, Sundial Growers; the American genetic testing company Bionano Genomics; or the Canadian mining company Northern Dinasty Minerals.

But, returning to the technological ones, these are still the ones that most agitate the pockets of the Spanish. By number of investors, the company most in demand is Manzana, followed by the multinational specialized in the development of graphic processing units and integrated circuit technologies, Nvidia, and the multinational Microsoft. In the case of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sector, Modern; biotech iBio and the pharmacist Pfizer, while the companies in the Entertainment and Communications sector that investors' favorite are: Walt Disney, Netflix and Genius Brands.

On the other hand, the e-commerce boom also attracts national capital and Amazon, in addition to its Chinese counterpart, Alibaba, were also found during the first three months of the year among the most demanded in Spain, according to the Report of Ninety nine.

“Although there is still a long way to go, and to facilitate, there is growing interest among Spaniards to invest in Bag. And, contrary to what one might think, it is not an exclusive activity for profiles with a high net worth or great financial knowledge. Nowadays, there are people who start by investing € 10 and who, little by little, are learning and encouraging themselves to increase that amount, while others start with larger amounts ”, he points out Javier Sanz, CEO of Ninety Nine.

The largest investment movements in Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia

Depending on the number of purchases, the communities that make the most are Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia Y Valencian Community. Conversely, Estremadura, Navarre Y The Rioja They are the communities in which the least purchases go public.

However, in all these communities, except Navarra, the sector that monopolizes the most purchases is health and Sundial Growers is the preferred company to invest in. In the case of Navarrese and Extremadura, the company in which they invest the most is Northern Dynasty Minerals in the energy sector.

If the amount invested is taken into account, Catalonia takes the lead as the community that spends the most money, followed by Madrid, Basque Country Y Andalusia. Conversely, Extremadura, Asturias, Region of Murcia and Navarra they are the communities in which the least money is invested in the stock market.

Regarding the companies and sectors in which they invest, Catalans choose the mobility sector and NIO, Madrileños opt for the technology sector and prefer Apple. For their part, Basques and Andalusians opt for the health sector and BioNano Genomics. On the contrary, the communities that invest the least are those that diversify their portfolio the most. In Extremadura they prefer the health sector and invest in companies such as Tilray, in Asturias they opt for the pharmaceutical sector and BioNano Genomics, while Murcia and Navarre opt for the health sector, with Sundial Grower; and energy, with FuelCell, respectively.

Taking into account the age group, and according to the number of purchases, those under 35 years of age prefer to invest in the Canadian Sundial Growers; while the airline American Airlines

is a favorite of people between 36 and 50 years old.

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