These are the businesses that the Treasury will focus on in 2022



The Tax agency has revealed the sectors in which it will put surveillance during this 2022, with the aim of combating the fiscal fraud and money laundering.

The report, Tax Control Plan 2022which is available in the BOEdetails the businesses in which visits will be made to reduce the "unsupportive conduct of a small part of the taxpayers."

This 2022, the Tax Agency will carry out inspections in the 'societal nests', such as 'coworking' spaces, offices or places to simply receive correspondence. Likewise, letters will be sent to taxpayers from certain sectors “previously chosen that commit certain risk parameters of non-compliance with the law on an ongoing basis”.

In addition to this, a "high number of visits" will be maintained in the establishments where the customs goods to check that the corresponding authorizations are used correctly.

Thus, for example, temporary storage warehouses, customs officers, authorized consignors and recipients or authorized economic operators are included.

Cash transactions and VAT fraud

Other operations on which the Treasury will focus in 2022 are payments in cashincome from non-resident artists or athletes who perform in Spanish territory.

On the other hand, the VAT fraud will also fight. Above all, the Treasury will focus on sectors such as the automobile, consumer products of Asian origin, hydrocarbons or alcohol.

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