March 3, 2021

These are the benefits of a good relationship, according to science – La Provincia

Living together It is something that many people have as a ‘must have’ of life. Sharing everyday life with someone and having a person to talk to and feel loved and desired is one of the things that more benefits bring to mental and physical health of people. And although, of course, it is not necessary to have a partner to be happy and more and more people embrace singleness, there are still more who prefer to enjoy the feeling of love and understanding of relationships.

Thus, there are many psychological and physical advantages of this type of union, yes, as long as the relationships are healthy, with harmony and respect, and do not fall into toxic behaviors. But what exactly are the advantages of living as a couple?

Happy couple, happy heart

The feeling of love is great for the heart, especially in the early stages of love relationships, but the truth is that beyond the figurative sense, living as a couple helps cardiovascular health. Love increases the levels of dopamine, oxytocin and norepirephrine, hormones related to feelings of happiness and well-being. In addition, it lowers cortisol, which helps regulate blood pressure and helps to have a better cardiovascular health preventing stroke, heart attacks …

According to the Spanish Heart Foundation: “Maintain good emotional health, with stable emotional ties in our environment, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and also helps improve the response to treatments for heart disease. “

Goodbye to stress

According to a study from the University of Chicago, “Unmarried single partners are more sensitive to stressful situations that the married or engaged. “Based on a sample of 500 students, 40% of them and 53% of them in a relationship, they were asked to play a decisive video game for their work career and then a sample was collected of saliva

The researchers found that cortisol concentrations increased in all participants, but that women experienced an average increase greater than men. Exercise also lowered testosterone in boys, but not in girls, an effect of stress that had previously been observed in humans and animals. “Marriage has a moderating effect on cortisol’s response to stress psychological, something very new, “the researchers emphasize.

Love is good for the heart, beyond figurative sense.

I love you and I love myself

On the other hand, being in love increases estrogen levels, something perfect for the appearance of the skin, hair and nails to improve.

Beyond the physical, feel loved and desired improve the image we have of ourselves and raises self-esteem, which is perfect to address day-to-day, labor issues, business … and whatever. ‘I love you, but I love myself more’ is usually a success when facing day to day.

If you do it, me too

On the other hand, having someone to take on challenges is much better than doing it alone, so leading a healthier lifestyle is much easier if done with love. The monthly American medical journal ‘Archives of Internal Medicine’ says in one of its studies that quitting smoking, playing sports or eating well are more likely to be carried out if our partner accompanies us.

Long live love

There are many studies that confirm that all the benefits that love brings are the key to living a long and healthy life. According to the Association for Psychological Science of the United States, “living in a satisfactory way decreases the chances of dying in the next eight years compared to single people or those with a conflictive relationship. “


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