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According to data collected by the Tax agency, the total average gross income of our country is 28,384 euros, while the average disposable income is 23,185 euros. Madrid leads the ranking of the communities with the highest income, with 37,768 euros of gross income, followed by Catalonia, with 32,423 euros. Figures that clash when compared with those of other communities, such as Estremadura, last in the ranking, with 20,926 euros of average annual gross income.

The truth is that the distribution of wealth between the 17 autonomous communities and the two autonomous cities of our country is quite striking. Five of the ten richest municipalities in Spain are Madrid, Pozuelo de Alarcón being the leader of the list, with an average gross income higher than the 80,000 euros and an average disposable income of more than 60,000 euros.

But what about the big fortunes? Do they fall back mainly on Madrid and Catalonia?

The 100 richest Spaniards in Spain

The coronavirus pandemic does not seem to have affected the great fortunes of our country too much. In 2021, the 100 richest Spaniards, according to Forbes magazine, accumulated a total of 153,575 million euros, 17% more than last year, so we can affirm that an important recovery is taking place and little by little it returns to the levels prior to the health crisis that began in 2020.

On average, each millionaire has increased their portfolio by 565,000 euros per day. Only the first five on the list –Amancio Ortega and his daughter Sandra (Inditex); Rafael del Pino (Ferrovial); Juan Roig (Mercadona) and Juan Carlos Escotet (Banesco) – they concentrate more than 50% of the total (83,500 million euros).

Again Madrid tops the ranking of the richest communities on the list of ‘The 100 richest Spaniards‘from Forbes Spain. 35 of the personalities that appear on the map are from Madrid and add up to a total of 32,825 million euros, although there are 49 entrepreneurs who have their businesses in the capital, which represents a total of 42,550 million.

Madrid’s fortunes are led by Rafael del Pino and Calvo-Sotelo (3.8 billion euros), which this year has surpassed the Valencian owner of Mercadona, Juan Roig (3,700 million euros) due to the evolution of Ferrovial in the Stock Market. The infrastructure and services group has increased its capitalization by 10%, to more than 18,300 million. If the wealth of Rafael del Pino is added to the fortune of his brothers (María, Leopoldo, Joaquín, and Fernando del Pino), the family stands as the second most powerful in the country with 8,800 million.

Madrid is followed, as expected, Catalonia, with 28 of the 100 largest fortunes in the Spanish State (only 25 with representative businesses in their community) with a total amount of 19,375 million euros.

Galicia, the community that accumulates the most wealth

Galicia is the autonomy that accumulates greater wealth on the list by the presence of Amancio Ortega (67,000 million euros) and his daughter Sandra ortega (6,300 million euros), the two most important individual shareholders of Inditex.

The leadership of the majority shareholder of the textile company remains firm and even with better results than last year. With a total of 67,000 million euros, Amancio Ortega recovers from the losses of 2020 and increases your wealth by 10 billion, equivalent to the sum of the 52 Spaniards who follow him on the list.

But are not the only ones. Also in the Forbes ranking are Luis De Valdivia (220 million euros), from the Ecoener group; Constantio (‘Tino’) Fernández (190 million euros), shareholder of Altia Consultores, former president of the Deportivo de La Coruña club and director of Racing de Ferrol. And Jose Antonio Castro, owner of the Hesperia group, among others.

No representation on the list

Cantabria, La Rioja and Navarra They are not represented on the Forbes list, which does not mean that they do not have large fortunes to their credit.


Cantabria is the cradle of business in the Botín family and the Pérez Maura family. Ana Botín She is the executive president of Banco Santander and a director of The Coca-Cola Company, among other positions. His wealth is valued at around 220 million euros, ahead of his brother Javier Botín (200 million euros) and Carolina Botín (160 million euros).

For their part, brothers Pérez-Maura García and Maura de la MoraThey have a fortune of 50 million euros each.

The Rioja

Among the richest Riojans we find Felix Revuelta, Naturhouse shareholder, along with his wife Luisa Rodríguez, both with a fortune of 160 million euros.


Navarra this year has two new members on the list of great regional fortunes: Peace Sesma (60 million euros) and her husband, Alejandro Chaves (60 million euros), shareholders of the renewable energy company OPDEnergy through the equity Aldrovi.

Among the richest Navarrese we find Javier Virto Moreno, with 140 million euros, Antonio Catalan, with 120 million already Javier Remacha, with 40 million euros to his credit.

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