January 24, 2021

These are the 'apps' most used by someone working from the mobile | Innovation

These are the 'apps' most used by someone working from the mobile | Innovation

one. Deezer "I got to know this application when I worked at Orange, which is one of its shareholders. At home we are quite fond of music and we like how it works, although it is true that Spotify runs better on some devices. "

two. Storytel. It offers an extensive catalog of audiobooks. One of the last essays that Pérez Melber has heard through this application is Sapiens, by the Israeli thinker Yuval Noah Harari.

3. Alcobendas. The application developed by the City Council of the town where you reside. "I use it mainly for the reservation of sports facilities," he explains.

Four. Kinépolís. "Very practical to go to the movies. It is very easy to buy the tickets ".

5. Amazon Alexa. "We have Alexa at home, and I use the application to validate the messages that I leave with her, such as the shopping list. The speaker works very well, but sometimes it does not understand you at all. "

6 Booking.com. "I use it a lot, I love traveling." The presence in your mobile of several applications of all types of airlines attests that you spend a lot of time flying.

7Trip advisor. "I write a lot of criticism, but only during the holidays, as a form of leisure. In general, their recommendations work. "

8 Ekeyhome. It is an application that brings to the mobile a fingerprint recognition system for entry to the home. "It is configured in a very simple way, both to give someone access to your home and to withdraw it." It is one of several home automation applications that you have on your mobile.

9 Idealistic. "We like to be aware of the real estate market, especially near home. We take a look from time to time. "

10 Parentsaround. Application to configure and monitor the use of mobile phones, tablets and computers by minors. It allows to establish in what time slots the devices can be used and also the amount of time of total use.


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