«These are not the Budgets that Spain needs, but Sanchez to continue living as a king»


The approval today in the Council of Ministers of the draft Law of General Budgets of the State of 2019 has given the kick-off to which promises to be a tough road for parliamentary negotiation. The accounts, which will arrive on Monday at the Congress of Deputies, see the light today without having guaranteed any political support and this has been evident in the statements of all parliamentary groups after the official presentation of the budgets by the ministers of Economy and Finance, Nadia Calviño and María José Montero.

«These are not the Budgets that Spain needs, son the Budgets Sanchez needs to continue living as a king in Moncloa, "assured the coordinator of the popular economic area, Carlos Floriano, at a press conference in Congress offered after the accounts were known. «Paying this political bill will have as a consequence thatto Spanish economy grow less and consequently there is less employment. They are Budgets with more spending, more deficit and more taxes. We will pay for Sanchez's stay in Moncloa, "he assured.

In addition, Floriano remarked that the Government is maintaining a "wrong" fiscal policy and he has ironically argued that if Brussels turned its back on the macro picture sent to it by the Government because it was "imaginary," it becomes "directly a chimera." «They have to balance the level of spending by 1.3% deficit and not in 1.8% and this is like trying to put a foot of 42 in a shoe of size 36. It is impossible, "he explained.

On the other hand, the popular spokesman of budgets in the Congress, Jaime de Olano, has emphasized that «The beloved social turn of Sánchez has come to nothing», as social spending has gone from 56% that was in the budget of the Executive and Mariano Rajoy, to 57%, "an increase that is due to the rise in pensions that had already approved the PP." De Olano also wanted to remember how the economy's progress begins to be noticed already in employment, the number of EREs announced is increasing. «We live a situation that takes us back to 2009, when Solbes and Zapatero tried to tell us that everything was going well, that there was no crisis. But now the protagonists are Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, "he concluded.

Citizens: A hole of 10 billion

From Ciudadanos, the criticism of the accounts has focused as much on the impossibility of fulfilling them as on the supports Sánchez has used to move them forward. «They are budgets that have a hole of 10 billion euros, a hole that to be able to finance it the only possible option is to strangle taxes on the Spaniards and the working middle class, "said José Manuel Villegas, secretary general, at a press conference offered at the Congress of Deputies.

For the number two of Citizens, those presented are «Some bad budgets that endanger the economic recovery and the creation of employment "and has assured that the project will not count on its support. "We will vote no," he stressed. In addition, Villegas stressed that the accounts presented today by the Ejective "are not credible" and recalled that even the European Commission asked for explanations for the risk of non-compliance with the figures sent to Brussels. Villegas did not want to stop mentioning the trip of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, to Belgium to meet with Puigdemont: «The future of Spain is being valued in Waterloo», a situation that he has described as "unsustainable". "Spain does not need these Budgets, but elections," concluded Villegas.

We can: «concern» for the pact

We can, for its part, wanted to maintain the pulse launched this week to accounts of the rental law, has shown its "concern" because the accounts announced today do not include points that did appear in the budgetary pact and have ensured that their support depends on their "strict" compliance.

In particular, Noelia Vera, co-speaker in the Congress, has assured that there are many aspects that "are vital for us to support these accounts" and has listed the limitation of rental prices, the regulation of the electricity market to stop the rise of the prices of electricity or maintain paternity and maternity leave in the terms agreed in the budget pact. "In order for us to support these GEPs, they have to complyas we agreed. If they are not fully complied with, the government will have to find support in other parliamentary forces, "Vera assured. For his part, deputy Segundo González has crossed out «Anomaly at European level» the fact that these budgets have been approved with a deficit of 1.3% and not of 1.8%, although he has assessed that "they have been adjusted by means of income and not of expenses".


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