There would not be enough tila for a four-party government in Galicia

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has considered this Saturday that "there would not be enough tila in the world" to sleep with a four-party government of the parties that currently make up the Galician opposition in front of the regional Executive.

"If the bipartite was bad, the four-party worse", insisted before the board of his party a Núñez Feijóo who has endorsed the words expressed by the socialist deputy Pilar Cancela about the coalition government in Galicia formed by PSdeG and BNG during the past decade

"It is curious that ten years later we recognize what happened ten years before," said the head of the Xunta, who, in any case, said glad that in relation to this issue has ended up imposing "common sense" .

Therefore, and against the alternative that make up "BNG, PSdeG, the delegation of More Madrid in Galicia and Podemos", Núñez Feijóo wanted to underline that "today the vanguard of politics and management is marked in Galicia".

To sustain this point of view, the Galician president has cited several data that, in his opinion, reinforce the balance of his management, such as that Galicia today records less unemployment than before the crisis, that historical figures are presented regarding a lower school dropout rate or that the deficit objectives have been duly met each year.

"Governing is not a matter of stories, but of accounts," said a Núñez Feijóo who wanted to mark distances with the opposition and who has argued that in the debate on the state of autonomy held this week could see "a group of government that He presented a project to prove that in a Spain where nobody knows what will happen in the next twelve weeks "because of political instability, there are those who work with a script for the next decade.

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