October 1, 2020

There will be school transportation at the beginning of the year in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

The carriers of the Canary Islands have called off the strike they had planned when signing the extension of the contracts with the regional government for three years, so there will be school transport at the beginning of the year in the archipelago scheduled for this September 15.

This has been indicated by the president of AET, Ignacio De la Paz, in a statement to Europa Press in which he adds that it is a decision that was adopted this Friday in the course of a meeting between the sector and the Minister of Education, Universities , Culture and Sports, Manuela Armas.

During the meeting, an agreement was reached in the same way for the extension of the three-year term of the contracts as compensation for the payment of the days that it was not possible to work as the schools were closed by the coronavirus.

In this sense, De la Paz explained that the resolution of extension for three years has been signed “already”, since it was what was pending. “If it was not signed by the counselor, we would not do any school transportation on the islands,” he added.

“What remained as the principle of agreement or agreement pending completion – he asserted – is the definitive term of the same because in reality it is not only for three years and, in addition, we have made some discounts in the amounts. We have the right to collect the expenses of the days that the transport has not been carried out “.

For its part, school transport in the Canary Islands has about 1,400 routes that move about 40,000 children from 550 educational centers throughout the archipelago.


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