"There will be no referendum of self-determination if the PSOE governs"

The Minister of Territorial Policy and candidate of the PSC for Barcelona to the general elections, Merixell Batet, has assured this Monday that "there is not going to be a referendum of self-determination if it governs the Socialist Party".

"I do not agree, the right to self-determination has no place in the legal system, it is illegal, and I also believe that it is a bad political solution," he said during the First Flat seminar organized by "El Periódico" and Banco Sabadell .

He has argued that what is intended to be raised with this referendum is "a tie-break, and in a situation like the current one, it will not be about counting or breaking a tie, but about building an agreement".

Asked by the voters who in the last elections have opted to defend independence, she has replied to the parties that defend her that the option "is not between secession and self-determination or constitutional model, the options are either permanent or self-government in the constitutional framework. "

He insisted that the project of the independence parties "has no legal basis" and that these formations know and know that there will be an agreement with a possible government of Pedro Sanchez that allows it, because he himself has already said.

He has also criticized the proposal launched by parties such as the PP and Cs on the application of Article 155 of the Constitution indefinitely, because it has no "constitutional basis".

"Both are committed to maintaining the conflict we already have, which perhaps someone gets electoral revenue, but in which all Catalans lose", lamented the candidate.

The bet of Batet and the Socialists is to establish a dialogue within the law - Estatut and Constitution - and the legal system, because he believes that many voters would welcome the "reinforcement of self-government" in Catalonia.

Batet has said that the Socialists do bet on having a "vote on an agreement", so it calls on the Catalan forces to weave this great pact that would submit to a vote based on those established by the Constitution and the Statute.

"There are many who vote for pro-independence parties that could be recognized in a reinforcement of self-government," said Batet.

The candidate has recognized that the Catalan parties are, right now, very far from each other, and that achieving this agreement "will be long and difficult", but believes that it is the only solution.


Asked by the polls that give the PSOE majority to govern with Podemos and independents - who supported the motion of censorship that Sanchez won - but also with Cs, he has responded that the priority is a good result to "govern alone".

And he recalled that Sanchez has governed alone, taking initiatives with 84 deputies, so now they want to strengthen their majority to continue governing and have room to approve more proposals.

It also considers that the majorities that rejected socialist proposals such as the General State Budgets may also have less strength to reject them again.


When asked if they will replicate the agreement reached with Cs after the generals that ended run aground, he recalled that Cs was defined then in his statutes as a social democrat but later that definition was eliminated: "After they defined themselves as neoliberals and now they govern with Vox" in Andalusia.

And he also talked about the pact of the Palau de Pedralbes that sealed the Government of Sanchez with the Government of Quim Torra to establish the basis of the dialogue: "I do not know if it is still in force, but the determination of the PSOE is still to overcome the confrontation through the dialogue within the law ".


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