July 28, 2021

there will be an increase in murdered children

there will be an increase in murdered children

After the horrible week that we have had with five cases of gender violence with three women and two girls murdered, there are more and more voices calling for "Enough!" If yesterday mothers did orphan children through this newspaper, now are the experts who warn of this situation. And is that "although children are considered victims of gender violence since the adoption of the Children and Adolescents Act in 2015, the measures applied to them are only those that are assigned to mothers and not yet enough in tells the danger of a minor living with an abusive father ", explain from Save the Children.

So far this year, three children have been killed at the hands of their father or ex-partner of the mothers. One of them in Almería, and the other two occurred last Tuesday in Castellón, where a 48-year-old man killed his two daughters, two and six years old. A chilling number to which we must add two other cases in research, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Specifically, the death of two other minors in Tenerife.

"This year there are more children than the past," the delegate of the Government for Gender Violence, Pilar Llop, said yesterday in a statement to Europa Press that she has dismissed the data as "chilling". However, Health data say that this year there are three and in 2017 at this point, six. A dance of figures that does not end there, because from other associations, such as the Federation of Separated and Divorced Women, raise the children murdered by macho terrorism to seven. In any case, according to all the experts consulted, This statistic does not have to be looked at from one year to the next, but as a whole. And on the whole, all the experts consulted assure that these deaths have increased since the Breton case.

Officially, since statistics are available -2013- until today, there are already 27 (plus two in research) minors murdered by sexist violence against mothers. That is, 4.5 (or 4.8) children each year. A chilling figure. «The murder of minors due to gender violence has been increasing. We still do not have enough data to know if in the future it will also increase, but it is not ruled out, "says Miguel Lorente, former Government delegate against Gender Violence and director of the Equality Unit of the University of Granada. There is no doubt that "the threats that abusers make to mothers about murdering children are increasing," he adds. Proof of this is that the mother of the children murdered this week had reported that Ricardo threatened her to say goodbye to the girls.

A fact that draws attention, since "we have been running the Law of Gender Violence for five years now". That is to say, "there is more information and more training, for that reason, the machistas feel attacked, which means that there is a more violent climate with more cases of gender violence and an increase in the death of minors".

For Ana María Pérez del Campo, member of the State Observatory of Gender Violence and managing director of the Center for the Integral Recovery of Battered Women, she has no doubts. "The number of minors murdered by the breeding animals of the species is increasing, because it is not parents who practice violence". "There have always been murders of children, but now more."

"They have taken the children as scapegoats to harm the mothers, because it is the most important thing for us. I would like to be wrong, but the number of murdered minors will go further, unless measures are put in place, some of them already included in the State Pact ", explains Lourdes Hernández, president of the Forum of Madrid against Violence against Women.

«This barbarity is increasing. Numerically, perhaps not exponentially, but statistically there is a significant increase. There are children living in homes where the abuse takes place, they wonder agonizingly if that same thing can happen to them, "explains Javier Urra, a psychologist and former Children's Advocate. «Since Breton, the bad example has spread. Maybe because of the mediatic echo, but that sowing falls only in selfish and narcissistic minds that put their self in front of everything, "he adds.

For Del Campo it is not about the echo of these cases in the press. In fact, defend that they are counted. "The problem is that women have reported and they have not been ignored. They have asked for help and they have not been helped, as has been seen this week ». The same thing that Gloria Vázquez, president of the Asociación Ve-la-luz, denounces: "We have been fighting for years to have the total bond with minors cut off when there are signs of violence and it is not done".

For this reason, Del Campo urges "to introduce the pertinent legal reforms so that the judicial operators have to assume the responsibility that concerns them, when irreparable damage is caused by the denial of protection and credit to the victims of the sexist violence. That is to say, a law that contemplates responsibilities for the bad doing of the magistrates in these cases ». And second, "it is key that judges also stop giving credit to women. This myth of false accusations is still alive, and even though the General Judicial Council itself concluded that only 0.01% of women's complaints of gender violence were false, "he adds. It is precisely this myth "one of the arguments of the sexists, alluding that women filed false complaints to stay with their children, with the house, with the payment … treating the children as if they were a target," says Lorente. For this expert, the key is "to prevent the aggressor from building that idea of ​​possession," I'm going to kill what you most want "and for that it is urgent to detect the cases first." How? «With the development of an entire detection strategy in medical centers. Currently, screening in Health is collected, although not in an articulated manner. It is necessary to do a universal screening for every woman who goes to the emergency room on more than one occasion to find out if she suffers gender violence or not. As well as a protocol in pediatrics and in schools to detect this violence in minors, "explains this expert. In addition, "an urgent risk assessment must be carried out with specialized people. That is to say, not only by police, but by forensic teams ». Analyze the risk on the victim, the aggressor and the minors in order to assess the existing risk in a more real way. Because there is no doubt that "in 2011 there were 840,000 children (10%) living in houses where there was abuse. And today, there is more », concludes Lorente.

Therefore, from Save the Children, they demand "specific measures that protect children by suspending visits from the aggressor father, in the event that the parents are separated, as well as the suspension of custody of the parents. aggressors since the case is known ». "The Law of comprehensive protection against violence against children must be a reality as soon as possible," they add.


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