September 21, 2020

"There was a before and after" of the 2017 earthquakes in Mexico

In Mexican society "there was a before and after" of the earthquakes that shook the center and south of the country in September 2017, said Tuesday actor and filmmaker Gael García Bernal during the presentation of the documentary project "Reconstructions" of his Ambulant organization.

At a press conference, the artist also said that, with the new federal government of Mexico, which took office last December, "a lot of things did change" in the attention to the victims, although he admitted that "it is impossible to list them and speak with certainty "because people are still" testing and experimenting ".

"I see it in a way, it seems to me, that it is one more thing of society's nuclei, that they are completely transexenal, that is, that they do not obey who really is in government, it is more of a thing of all that we are here meeting and doing things, "said the interpreter.

"Reconstructions" is a web platform that will be available from next Thursday to show small documentaries of 21 of the 44 groups supported by Levantemos México, an initiative that raised almost 33 million pesos (more than 1.7 million dollars) for affected by earthquakes two years ago.

On September 19, 2017, an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 and with an epicenter between Puebla and Morelos (center of the country), left 369 dead, 228 of them in Mexico City.

Days before, on September 7, 2017, an earthquake of magnitude 8.2 with an epicenter in the southern state of Chiapas had caused 98 fatalities.

García Bernal said that "Reconstructions" shows that society acted in an "incredible way" in the public space to make a "fantastic map" of the most affected areas that "not even the Government had."

The filmmakers collected about 100 minutes of audiovisual material and 50 photo galleries of volunteers and victims from the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Puebla, State of Mexico, Morelos and Mexico City.

The actor argued that the documentary project, which will be completely ready next year, "unmasked" many defects of the Mexican Government in the reconstruction process, so it aims to motivate public reflection.

"(In the realization) many of the faults were also pointed out, of the tremendous failures that we have as a country, the lack of regulation, of governance of some places, the prevailing corruption that was, in some way, the culprit that many things they will fall, "he said.

In the presentation, at the Cultural Center Spain in Mexico City, the German Christiane Burkhard, director of "Reconstructions" also participated, who said that the testimonies present the "contranarrativa" of a united citizenship against "a country that is fractured ".

In addition, social leaders from the affected communities attended, such as Sandy la Rosa Cárdenas, representative of Grupo de Barrios de Tepecoculco (State of Mexico), and Alma Benítez, representative of Xoxocotla (Morelos).

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