April 15, 2021

There is PSG without Neymar (0-2)

There is PSG without Neymar (0-2)

Who else, who least expected a PSG disaster last night at Old Trafford. He played against a team on a streak, with morale and undefeated since the departure of Mourinho and the arrival of Solskjaer to the bench (ten wins and a draw), and to top it off, some of the stars of the French team, between they Neymar and Cavani, are injured. Therefore, the French attack had only one of his three figures (Mbappé), and other players were changed places: Alves from the end instead of the side, Marquinhos from the midfield and not the center … That was the scenario, but PSG took advantage of the night to claim, to give a blow on the table as a team and to qualify for the quarterfinals in a half step. He knew how to compete the Tuchel group, he knew how to tame the impetus of his rival and he had the quality to hit him later and convert the duel, for a while, on a walk.

But first you had to calm the beast. Manchester United came out on the grass to bite, to press up and not let his opponent breathe. It is the power of the mind, the ability to feel capable of everything after the trajectory of the team in recent months, but the reality was more stubborn. Solved the PSG without nick those initial moments and, little by little, was equalizing the game, to draw a first part that had everything, less goals. And almost no occasions. The ball began to change its owner, the French, led by Verratti and Marquinhos solid in the middle, became the masters to try to numb the meeting and that few important things happened. Opposite, Pogba had his best minutes, and showed what he is capable of in an action in which he had speed, skill and shot, although without angle, nothing complicated for Buffon. The giant of United was not seen anymore, invisible in all the encounter except at the end, when he reappeared, but to be expelled in an absurd way, which will make him miss the return.

Without the ball, neither Manchester United took advantage of the spaces and the speed of their offensive players. The match went over Rashford, Lingard and Martial. The last two, in addition, were injured and in the second half they were replaced by Mata and Alexis. The PSG needed to calculate better. By centimeters he got offside in the best actions of the first part. He did it soon: Kimpembe did not forgive in a corner kick on the return of the dressing rooms as a prelude to the exhibition. He felt fatal to United so much, that he became giddy and began to suffer the scourge of a rival who was getting better and who hit him hard in a quick play in which Di Maria attended Mbappé, faster than any. The Argentine played a great game. For being fair, despite the casualties, an attack with Di Maria, Draxler and Mbappé does not sound so bad either.

The PSG continued a few minutes more at will, making rounds, and it was De Gea who prevented the broken became greater. The attack of pride of the whole of Manchester had to arrive, but it was without conviction. Lots of balls direct to the area, zero danger. Easy for Buffon, who did not have to participate. The final stamp summarizes the meeting: what was heard is the stands of Old Trafford was «olé» while the French passed the ball.


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