"There is nothing that terrifies me more than a family dinner" | Culture

"There is nothing that terrifies me more than a family dinner" | Culture

Maybe the cinema of M. Night Shyamalan (Mahé, India, 1970), director of The sixth Sense or The forest, born in a supermarket. Actually, when he returned from that supermarket, when his father, who did not look like a hero, was, he says, "chubby and short", he dared to face a more than possible thief. The director was a kid. Remember that the house door was open and that the Shyamalan feared the worst. In the end, it was all a false alarm. "Most likely it was a matter of the doormat, a stupidity," he says. The kind of stupidity that can turn you into the director of a horror movie that transforms the everyday into a nightmare. "Nothing is more terrifying than a family dinner," adds Shyamalan himself.

The hair has been allowed to grow. Smile often. He seems to have recovered whatever he lost in the decade in which he composed The incident Y After Earth, the movie that, according to its protagonist (Will Smith), almost ends his career. Why? He has stopped working for the otherss. "Since I mortgaged my home, I feel more free." From suite room at the Melià de Sitges (Barcelona), in whose auditorium yesterday 20 minutes of his next film were projected, Glass, Shyamalan admits that he likes to be his own boss, impose its limits. The film marks the closing of the superhero trilogy that started in 2000 – "a year in which I was considered a nerd for making a superhero movie "- with The protégé, and continued, in 2016, with Multiple, where a psychiatrist tries to deal with the 24 personalities of Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy), a supervillain known as La Horde.

He wants to be weird. "I would love to do something like what Charles Burns did in Black hole", He emphasizes. "I grew up reading Spiderman Y Green Lantern. I made my mother buy me a ring and pretended that she could transform me. " Then Hitchcock grew and crossed his path – he still maintains the cameo in each of his films and the characters he plays have more and more lines and are "more absurd" – and Lynch. "Whenever I'm writing, I'm close Blue velvet I see it to inspire me. "

His return to the superhero movie was a matter of time. Samuel L. Jackson knew it. That's why, every time he met him on a film, in Los Angeles, he asked him "by when the sequel to The protected" "He was born to play Mr. Glass," the villain who gives his new movie's name. A crossroads of fictional worlds in which David Dunn, that is, Bruce Willis, has to deal with Glass and the Horde, and in which the figure of the psychiatrist is again key.

"My wife is a psychologist, I do not know, my characters need to feel understood and my cinema has a lot of that. This is a movie about who we believe we are and who we really are. " It could be said that the multiple personalities of his last creation would have something to do with the infinite possibility of lives that a creator can experience through his works and the shot would not be missed. "I like to think that there is a sense of destiny, that we are part of something greater and each one of the decisions we make directs us in one or the other direction".

The film, which will premiere on January 18, does not allow for the "soft" film that was made at another time. "First I was a twisted guy, but then I became a father and I became sentimental: I'm the kind of guy who cries every day. Now that my three daughters are older, what I want is to scare them, so my cinema is twisted again, and I love it, "he says. He does not feel himself a slave to the surprise ending, no matter how fair the viewer expects when he goes to see his films. He says that, in the case of finding his cinema in some kind of jail, "it's one that I built myself, and in which I'm super comfortable." Do you have plans to connect some of your other films and create a small Shyamalan universe? "No, I was tempted to incorporate characters of The visit in a part of Glass, but I dodged it. I think it would go too far. "


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