August 11, 2020

«There is no moderate Catalan nationalism»

The playwright Pau Guix puts face and voice to a group that has been putting Catalan separatism in check since he started the process.

Who is behind the "dolços"?

It is strange to speak of a book that you have not written a line, of which you have not written the prologue; a book whose author is a collective of which you are not part (laughs). However "dolços" are all those who make the blog, those who read the blog and all Catalans who want to end nationalism. Dolça Catalunya is a series of people who, as a small act of dignity, decided to start a blog in 2013 that is contributing to ending the process by the amount of information and complaint they have made available to the citizen. They have decided to remain anonymous, not for fear of "civil death," but to maintain their independence and be safe from partisan pressures of any kind.

It is the most watched blog in Spain and one of the most powerful YouTube channels. How do you explain success?

The YouTube channel has over 100 million views with very few videos. But of course the video of the famous Cucurull … that is priceless. The comedy club falls short. What both the book and the blog have is humor. Totalitarianisms are all but funny. The dolços have made a fun gap in the monolithic space of Catalan nationalism laughing at him. They are serious people, prepared, but at the same time very funny.

What is your personal history with nationalism?

I consider myself "The son of the African." Nationalism is supremacist, xenophobic and exclusive and I have had the opportunity to prove it in myself. My origin is like that of many Catalans, it is dual. My paternal family was from Vich, they were only Catalan speakers. My father decided to marry a lady who came from Cartagena. At the time it was typical for several members of a family to share a building and my mother called her "the African" because she was from Cartagena. That is nationalism. Others are considered "white trash," an inferior race. This is not new. It goes back to the writings of Prat de la Riba, Pompeu Gener or Pompeu Fabra himself. Now this xenophobia has increased because now they have the strength of the Catalan media space and TV3.

What is the recipe for defeating nationalism defended by the "dolços"?

Among the many solutions there is a transversal idea: we cannot trust the political class to solve nationalism. It has to be something that starts from citizenship. And not only of the Catalans who suffer the yoke of nationalism day yes, day too; but of the Spanish as a whole. The solutions may seem small. One of them is "to love the nationalist." We do not hate people as they do. We don't consider anyone inferior because they don't think like us. Another is to exile media from the regime to end brainwashing. You have to study nationalism to laugh at it and overcome it. The political parties and Madrid are not the solution: the solution is the citizens. Nationalism is not a "souflé" that will fall shortly, it is somewhat resilient because there is an elite that controls it, there is an elite that will not allow it to disappear because it is its main source of income and its livelihood. We are fighting not against a political movement but against the imposition by force of a model of social hegemony and the solution that summarizes all the proposals that the book gives is this: to give the cultural battle.

It is not an easy mission …

The cultural battle will be very long. Nationalism is a belief that has replaced God with the nation as an idol. It is also fed by the monster of the Catalan media space and the Catalan school. We have to break that hegemony and we have to be constant. It does not help the "mantra" that has been bought even here in Madrid by many journalists about "moderate nationalism," which has never existed. No nationalism is moderate. Its base is to exclude the other, not to work for their own sake but to exclude others. Catalanism is identified with moderate nationalism and this is false.

In the book there is an express criticism of the abandonment of the State in Catalonia …

There has been a process of social engineering that Puyol imposed with its 2000 plan that was published in the year 90. The sad reality of what has happened is that both PP and PSOE have fallen with nationalism in the «support me in Madrid and in Catalonia do what you want ». They have yielded incomprehensible skills for ordinary citizens. For example in matters as sensitive as education and police work. And the Generalitat has used the mossos as political police making illegal listening, etc. The even visual disappearance of state structures in Catalonia is tremendous. The non-nationalist citizen is immersed in a plot of institutions controlled by nationalism. We feel very abandoned in the sense that we do not see that legality prevails in Catalonia. In the week of yellow hatred we saw how there were 1,000 Civil Guard agents who were not mobilized. Mr. Marlaska and Mr. Sánchez did not mobilize them. The only institution we see every day is the postbox … and unfortunately it is yellow.

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