There is no limit to the songs you can save in your Spotify library - La Provincia

Until now,the library ofSpotifyhad a maximum of 10,000songs. A limit that not many users knew, since we are talking about an endless amount of songs. But the most music lovers, those who proudly show their annual Spotify statistics at the end of the year, were aware of that cap, because it was something that was certainly annoying to them.

So,Spotify has started to develop the unlimited library experience, which means that they have removed the top of the items saved in your user library, something that affects songs and discs marked as favorites with a 'like' heart.

According to data from the streaming platform,this measure will affect 1% of its 230 million users, of which 108 million are paid. They will no longer reread the message that their library is full of favorite songs or records.


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