There is no debate with Cardona: UD has already renewed his contract until 2025

There is no debate with Cardona: UD has already renewed his contract until 2025

The club executed its preferential option to extend its bond for three more years, so if it wishes to emigrate, which remains to be seen, it will leave benefits

Sergi Cardona acknowledged this Wednesday that his professional future does not detract from his concentration for the remainder of the season, despite the fact that he does not have a professional record at UD and the club has the unilateral option to extend his contract. But, as this newspaper has been able to know and confirm from sources in the entity,
this movement by the sports management has already taken place and their link has been extended until 2025the three years that stipulated that preferential right.

Therefore, the footballer will not be free at the end of the campaign and, if he wishes to change the air, he must present an offer that leaves benefits in the coffers of the institution.
His agent, Olaf Bonales, has put him in the showcase of several English clubs and it is not ruled out that, in June, he could bring a proposal to Pius XII given the good performance of the Catalan winger, the second player on the squad with the most minutes this season.

Focused on game by game

“Anyone who knows me knows that I don't think about those issues now.
The only thing on my mind is the next game and giving my best performance for the team. There was an approach in the winter market to give me the professional license, it could not be given and it will be at the end of the season that what the club wants is seen“, he said.

"It's not something I'm thinking about right now - he elaborated on the same matter - and there will be time to find out the offers I may have and what the club wants with me."

The Catalan winger, a fixture in the left-handed lane of the team in his first campaign since being promoted from the reserve teamadmitted that the spirits in the team have been repaired after last Saturday's victory in Valladolid: «
Neither when we lose we have to make a drama nor when we win we are the best. You have to be objective, although it is true that the results often condition you. Except for the match against Girona, we had been doing a good job, as was the case in Huesca even though we didn't win. The intention is to continue in the same line«.

Cardona ruled out making long-term accounts beyond the immediate, since, as he explained, "the approach has not changed and is always focused on adding the next three points."

“We don't look at what the other teams do because that, in the end, is noise that ends up throwing you off center. The only thing that matters to us is the next game and we hope to maintain the good line that we have", he argued.


On the drought of triumphs at home and the fact of playing on Monday, the player was optimistic both in the competitive challenge and in the environmental factor: «We want to bring joy to our fans and we are sure that it will not fail us».

Questioned about the work that a psychologist has been doing recently with the staff, He revealed that "he is helping a lot" and valued "everything that comes to help."

denied that they have changed habits with García Pimienta compared to the previous stage with Pepe Mel on the bench, since, he pondered, "everyone here has always worked to the fullest."

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