"There has been a case of political transfuguismo and we still have to know the price that the PP has paid"

The PSOE charges against the PP without hot cloths by the move to try to knock down the labor reform, which failed due to an erroneous vote in the popular caucus. "What has happened is a case of political transfugismo, of buying wills by the PP and the only thing left to find out is the price that the PP has paid", accused the deputy secretary general, Adriana Lastra, who has assured that it was a previously "planned" maneuver together with the two UPN deputies who voted against after committing to the 'yes' with which the coalition ensured the validation of the decree by three votes. The socialist leader has revealed that Sergio Sayas, one of the two UPN parliamentarians, was the first with whom they contacted to sound out the support for the new labor regulations and that he transmitted to the socialists that they would vote in favor as long as it was not touched " a comma" of the text agreed with unions and employers, but he sent them to speak with the president of the party, Javier Esparza. "It's what we did"Lastra said.

The right tries to stop the labor reform in the courts after the error of a PP deputy

The right tries to stop the labor reform in the courts after the error of a PP deputy

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"If the events continue, it is clear that the PP knew in advance the decision of the two deputies of UPN. We still have to discover the price that the PP has paid, what they have been promised to buy the will of these two deputies", has said Lastra, who has insisted that "until the last moment" the Navarre parliamentarians told them that "they were going to support the labor reform", as they did with the journalists. "There was a perfectly planned strategy to buy those wills, which was not sent to us, so that we would not have the capacity to react", denounced the number two of the PSOE.

Lastra has also publicly expressed what was assured this Thursday at the last minute in the socialist ranks: the contacts of the leaders of the PP and Vox with the parliamentarians of UPN throughout the day after they had assured that they would support the directives of the direction. "We were able to see leaders of the PP and Vox speaking with the UPN deputies in the hemicycle, the cafeteria and the surrounding area. [del Congreso]. That is why our colleagues asked on several occasions if they were going to maintain the sense of the vote," he said.

Beyond the betrayal of his own party and the word given to the socialists by Sayas and Carlos Adanero, Ferraz places the leadership of Genoa on the target: "The PP of Pablo Casado and Teodoro García Egea is capable of any thing in order to carry out its pretensions". Asked about the influence that this situation may have on the elections in Castilla y León on February 13, Lastra maintains that it will take its toll on the conservatives: "All citizens have realized that the PP is capable of anything." "This PP is not reliable, it is not reliable and it is capable of anything," said the socialist leader, who has put it at the level of "fuck them" that the then deputy Andrea Fabra uttered when the labor reform of Mariano Rajoy, which represented a significant reduction in the rights of workers.

Lastra considers that the legal battle anticipated by PP and Vox due to the result of the vote -since it was not repeated due to the error of the deputy Alberto Casero- "it has very little travel". "They are overreacting so as not to talk about what is important, which is the validation of the labor reform, but above all that case of political turncoat that the PP has encouraged," said the deputy general secretary, who has assured that "it has not been a telematic error", as the popular leadership tried to make believe in the first moments of uncertainty.

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