June 5, 2020

There cannot be a government that depends on the Arabs

The acting Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, appeared after three o'clock in the morning (24.00 GMT) before a small audience at the celebration center enabled by his party, the Likud, and noted that "there can be no government that depends on the Arab parties. "

"Very soon, my good friend President Trump will present his (peace) plan, and he will design the future of Israel for many generations" and that is why "Israel needs a stable and strong government, a Zionist government and committed to Israel as the national state of the Jewish people, "he said.

"There cannot be a government that depends on Arab anti-Zionist parties, parties that question the very existence of the state, parties that glorify and honor terrorists who kill our soldiers and children. This cannot be, we cannot accept it."

"Tonight I talked to all the Likud partners on the right, everyone is 100% committed to working together towards these goals," said Netanyahu.

"In the next few days we will enter into negotiations to establish a strong and Zionist government and prevent an anti-Zionist government, we must represent all parts of the nation as the Jewish nation state. I have great confidence in the justice of our path. We will win," he said. acting prime minister.

He made no reference to the opposition party Blue and White, headed by Beny Gantz, with which he could form a unity government.

The data provided by the ballot box polls does not give Netanyahu the possibility of forming a coalition government with his traditional right-wing and ultra-Orthodox allies if he does not join this Avigdor Lieberman, who for the moment has refused to participate in any Executive in that the ultrareligious are represented.

The nickname Bibi, who appeared aphonic in a fairly empty room but with supporters who cheered and jelly, claimed his achievements and said that his party: "in recent years, has brought Israel strength and security, also in the economic field, and they must ensure that these achievements "continue in the coming years.

He asked to wait for the final results and said that the country is "in a historical moment, with great opportunities and great challenges, including an existential threat from Iran."

Before his appearance, the Likud minister, Gideon Saar, to which some point as a possible successor to Netanyahu, said the party supports its leader without fissures.

Beny Gantz, the leader of the opposition Blue and White coalition, center-right, showed his satisfaction with the election results of polls on the ballot box, which give him more seats than the Likud.

Although cautiously for not having definitive data, Gantz said that "apparently Netanyahu cannot form a government" and offered a government of national unity.

"From tonight we will begin to build a broad unity government that represents the people and returns Israeli society to the path (right). All divisions must be left behind. I urge my political rivals, from all fields, to work together for a fair Israeli society that serves all its citizens, "he asked.

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