“There are women who have no alternative”

Since 2000, at least 38 women who were prostituted were brutally murdered in Spain by pimps or clients. It is one of the data offered by the documentary “Biography of a woman’s corpse”Goya award for the best documentary short – which was screened yesterday at AFoundation, in Vigo, on the occasion of International Day to end violence against women, organized by FARO Educa.

In the short film, directed by Mabel lozano, present at the event, one of the children of those murdered women confesses to the camera hugging his dog: “The reason for doing that damage is inexplicable. Because of that pain he felt he could not go anywhere. (…) You will never forget the most important person in your life, ”he adds.

The young man talks about his mother, Yamiled Giraldo, a woman who left her country, Colombia, to work in Spain where she had been promised a contract in a silk factory. Fate, however, was a Brothel from which she managed to flee until her pimp located her in Navarra where he had her killed.

Precisely, it is in a locality that community where the short begins, with some boys wearing a drifter and a voice-over of the offspring pointing out how he likes this sport to clear his mind. Later, it is linked with another voice of a man – a Civil Guard– which relates how Yamiled Giraldo was summoned to a place far from her locality to do a job as a beautician. As she got out of the car and picked up the utensils, she was approached by two hitmen who shot her. He was accompanied at that time by the son with whom the documentary starts. One of the killers tried to kill him but his gun jammed and the boy saved his life.

The murder fulfilled a plan drawn up from prison by the Yamiled pimp as revenge for denouncing him. Both the Civil Guard and the Provincial Police launched Operation Mésmesis. They located and brought to justice the people involved in the murder for which his son felt “panic, fear” as well as eternal pain.

After the screening of the documentary, Lozano addressed the audience thanking FARO for organizing the event. “You are a benchmark,” he highlighted to point out that he could not better honor 25-N (Day to eradicate violence against women) attending an initiative of FARO Educa in Vigo, which he praised as “a tool for the transformation of society. Most kids don’t know what about. Today sexual slavery is very cheap because they themselves – the possible victims of sexual exploitation – make the journey in search of happiness ”.

Lozano was presented by the journalist Guada Guerra who emphasized the violence against women by the fact of being a woman and that, according to official statistics, 38 women have been killed in Spain, although “there are many more,” he denounced.

For her part, the film director and activist recalled the first encounter she had with prostituted women: “In my town there was no institute but there was a whorehouse, as in the other towns next door. Those women were never seen walking around town. I went there to sell them the tickets for an end-of-term trip to Mallorca. Those women invited me to Fanta and chips. They bought me all the ballots. They were lovely. I even asked them where they did the shopping. ‘They bring it to us’, they told me ”.

Lozano pointed out that his purpose is “make a cinema to put a grain of sand with everything that surrounds me ” and that “Biography of a corpse” is a tribute to Yamiled without falling “into the pornography of his suffering” showing photos of his body after being shot. “She was perfectly aware of his murder, she died thinking that they were going to kill her son that she had recently managed to bring from Colombia,” said the director.

The activist –who also presented the book “PornoXplotation” that he aspires to turn into a series of documentaries on the pornographic industry– He stressed that “sex trafficking would not exist without prostitution” to add that “nothing makes a woman more vulnerable than having minor children in her care.”

In this regard, he reflected: “There are women who say yes to prostitution because there is no other opportunity. What freedom does a 17-year-old girl with two children have who lives in Romania or Paraguay? He has no alternative ”.


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