July 5, 2020

"There are people who are looking for problems"

"There are people who are looking for problems"

"The images of raised arms do not represent us, and there are people who take pictures with people who raise their arms with a fascist salute," he lamented in a press conference with the PDeCAT vice president and also a candidate for the Míriam Nogueras Congress.

On the fact that Cs has taken a TV3 report on family members of the independence prisoners to the Electoral Board, Borràs believes that they have evidence of "persecutory mania" against Catalan television.

After warning that the defense of Catalan public media is a red line for JxCat, he lamented the "new show of Cs intolerance towards a journalism exercised from quality and plurality".

When asked about the commitment of ERC to defend a referendum on independence and another on the monarchy, Borràs has made it clear that they are for democracy, so they will vote whenever they put up ballot boxes, although he admits that it is not his "priority".

"We are not afraid of the polls, and whenever there is an opportunity to vote, we will vote," stressed Borràs, who recalled that the Government of Pedro Sánchez prevented the Parlament from promoting a commission of investigation into the monarchy.


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