There are only hours left to ask for the best discounts of Black Friday to our'Cazadores de Ofertas' - La Provincia

There are only hours left to ask for the best discounts of Black Friday to our'Cazadores de Ofertas' - La Provincia

There are only a few hours left to fill out the survey and request the products you want to receivethe best deals at night Black Friday. Take advantage of the time andmake your requestsbecause you will receive a unique selection, not only of discounts but of the best value for money.

But time is running out, and this Wednesday, the 21st, from 12:00 noon we will not be able to receive more surveys.

Because as of closing, the'Bidders'They will intensify their work and need that time to be able to classify the more than 30,000 requests for products that we have received during just one week. And also to start preparing the thousands of pages that will have to be created on the night of Black Friday.

Because each of our'subscribers'You will have a unique page that will include the discounts of the products you have requested. We will only send you an email where you will find the link to your page, from which you can close the purchase with a single click.

The 'Bidders', once classified all the requests, will start working on the Black Friday offers to start selecting, for each set of products, those with a higher discount percentage.

And once we have selected the highest discount percentages, as well as the amount that is saved in each product, we will begin to verify which of those arethe best rated.

It will be the final crossing, with an important part of manual work and the collaboration, to decide the offers that we will send you, and that try to save you a lot of search time among the thousands of offers that will appear that night.

It is not about sending only the highest discount percentage. We can discard items that have significant savings. Because if it is not a contrasted product, we will not include it in our list (unless it is new), since we believe that saving it really is if it is linked to quality.

We will also take into accountBlack Friday offersthat have started in advance. Because this year the week has started very strong and there are products whose discounts will not be easily improved on Friday. And since yesterday they have prices that can not be lost.

Remember also that we will do the same operation for theCyber ​​Monday, and if you request it in the survey we will also send you the best offers of that day, with the same philosophy and the same way of working.

You already know that although in Spain the Black Friday can with everything, in the USA, cradle of these offers, last year there were more sales on Monday than on Friday.

And about the products that you are requesting, the biggest last-minute sprint is being given by fashion products. And especially the clothes, which have replaced the shoes, both in men and women, and even in children.

In this set of products there are many items with a 50% discount, and even more.

They also gave another last-minute rebound theAlexa products. Especially the Echo speakers, which give us Alexa at home just by plugging them in.

It may be that in this push of recent days has been fundamental that they have returned to enter the catalog of offers, and recover the high discounts with which they were presented for its launch in Spain.

The watches with multisport gps, and the smartwatch also continue to rise, and those that appeared yesterday with great discounts on the day's offersAmazonI'm sure they helped a lot with the increase in requests.

At the top, yes, mobile phones and televisions are kept within walking distance. And sports articles are already on their heels. Especially the clothes, which exceeded the shoes for the first time.

In the least successful part, the office material. We can already see that the purchases of these dates take us much more to leisure and fun than to work.

There is still time, although very little, to fill out your survey. He will not regret, and will repeat.


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