April 14, 2021

There are no injuries after the fall of a cleaning gondola of the Kío Towers

A cleaning gondola has fallen this morning from the roof of the Bankia Tower, one of the Kío Towers, in Madrid, and there have been no injuries. For this reason, firefighters are checking the safety of this cabin, as reported by the Madrid City Council through Twitter.

The gondola has detached around 10 in the morning from the roof of the Kío Tower in which Bankia has its operational headquarters.

A structure with two arms supported the cleaning cabin, but one of them has broken and the other has been suspended, so the municipal firefighters have carried out a maneuver of almost three hours to unravel the structure and keep it in a balance provisional until the company takes over its arrangement.

The gondola has fallen on one of the sides of the tower, in a little busy pedestrian zone despite the fact that different terraces are installed, and the goal of the firefighters, who have cordoned off the area, is to secure the perimeter so that they do not detach more elements and fall to the public thoroughfare. Their work is expected to end today.

Two workers who have witnessed the event, Nerea and Silvia, have told Efe that they heard a noise and saw "how something white fell" from the roof of the Kio Tower.

"But well, well, nothing has happened. There has been fright when it has fallen, but nothing more," these witnesses have stressed.

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