April 21, 2021

"There are excessive comments from leaders about the VAR"

"There are excessive comments from leaders about the VAR"

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, said on Wednesday that "the VAR can not be circumscribed only to what happens to the big clubs" and opined that there are "excessive comments from leaders since the ban was opened by the president of Real Madrid and the Federation."

"Everyone talks and maybe it should not be like that. I am surprised yesterday by the president's statement, which said we protect the arbitrators and he was the first to filter Florentino's call. It is incoherent. I think there are excessive comments from leaders on the subject of VAR, "he said.

After participating in the Superior Council of Sports (CSD) in a meeting with those responsible for the rest of the leagues to address the draft of the Sports Law, Thebes said that he "is" convinced "by the VAR and that possible variations, as the creation of a specific body of VAR, you should only speak with the Professional Football Arbitration Committee formed by Velasco Carballo, López Nieto and Puentes Leira.

"If it convinces me, whenever things are more positive than negative, they convince me and are much more positive. There are hundreds of plays, many offside goals in which the VAR has entered and it can not be circumscribed only to what happens to the big clubs, for the others there have been plays that have been positive, "he added.

Tebas insisted that the VAR "only enters flagrant errors" and that in the debate "you want to enter into a lot of thoroughness". "That's the mistake some media are making, some club leaders and some fans. In each game there are many interpretable plays and the VAR only comes in front of serious and manifest error ".

Questioned by the statement of the president of Barcelona, ​​Josep María Bertomeu, on the desirability of each season playing outside Spain three games of the Spanish league, Tebas said jokingly "that three are many".


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