August 5, 2020

There are already five Metro workers with asbestos occupational disease

The workers of Metro de Madrid with a professional illness for having been exposed or having handled asbestos rise to five, of which four died.

To date, according to data provided to Efe by the company and CCOO and the Machinists Syndicate, there are three active employees of the Madrid suburban with a work-related illness caused by asbestos exposure and handling, of which two died in 2018 .

There was another case, that of Vicente Macarrón, 58, an active worker at Metro de Madrid, when he was recognized as having a professional illness in May 2018, but, in view of the result of the latest medical tests, the contingency was withdrawn of occupational disease in June of last year.

Macarrón, who was a companion of the two deceased in 2018 in the train maintenance service since 1991, is undergoing psychological treatment.

There are also two other cases, that of a machinist and that of a maintenance service worker, both retired, who were recognized by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) for having no work relationship with Metro de Madrid. Both died.

In addition, according to the CCOO union and the Madrid Metro Machinist Collective, there are several cases of retired workers from the suburban area of ​​Madrid with diagnoses compatible with a professional disease due to exposure and asbestos handling that are pending recognition by the INSS.

The following are the cases of occupational disease recognized so far:

– Julián Martín Rebate was the first active worker of the company that INSS recognized (as of September 28, 2018) asbestosis, a lung disease caused by the inhalation of asbestos dust. He died at age 60 as a result of lung cancer on October 5, 2018.

Martín Rebate began working in 1979 in the maintenance of Metro de Madrid, as a mobile material mechanic, and remained all his working life in the company.

The Social Court number 10 of Madrid condemned the Madrid suburban – in April of the year 2019 – to pay 371,733 euros as compensation to the family of this worker.

– The first worker killed by manipulation and exposure to asbestos in Metro de Madrid was Antonio Morán, short cycle maintenance officer of the Madrid suburban.

He was recognized for occupational disease on April 19, 2018 and died at age 57 as a result of pleural mesothelioma on May 24, 2018.

– Santos González Rollán, 59, active worker of the Madrid Metro of the Multifunctional Section.

Currently, he is in a situation of temporary disability (work leave) and is in psychological treatment.

González Rollán joined the company in 1976 to take care of the maintenance of the escalators, although in the last years of his working life at Metro de Madrid his tasks have been extended to other facilities such as stations and lighting.

In 2013, in view of a chest x-ray, doctors asked him if he handled asbestos, and in February 2016 he was diagnosed with asbestosis.

He was recognized for occupational disease on April 27, 2018, two years after submitting his medical reports to the company, which is why the Labor Inspectorate has issued an act of infraction to Metro de Madrid.

– The retired machinist of Metro de Madrid, whose initials are R.H.E., died on January 10, 2020 as a result of a professional illness because he was exposed to asbestos fibers during his work activity.

The driver was a Madrid Metro worker for more than forty years and was retired since 2008.

The man tested positive for malignant pleural mesothelioma, a cancerous tumor derived from exposure to asbestos.

The INSS recognized his professional illness on March 26, 2019.

– The National Institute of Social Security recognized occupational disease due to exposure and handling of asbestos in Metro de Madrid to C.S.B. on December 19, 2019, but they communicated it to the family on January 14, 2020.

He was retired, after remaining as an officer in the short-cycle maintenance service (trains), where he was a partner of Julián Martín and Antonio Morán, and left the company with the Employment Regulation File (ERE) of 2014 .

C.S.B. He died of lung cancer on April 16, 2019 at age 65.


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